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Iggy Azalea Vs. T.I.

T.I. and Iggy Azalea just can’t seem to make amends, huh? It was all good a couple of culture vulture-y songs ago. Tip went on Breakfast Club to expand on his previous comments about his dissatisfaction with his choices to help boost up Iggy Azalea. In the Breakfast Club interview T.I. insinuated that Iggy switched up on him when she got white fans and realized she didn’t need black fans anymore.

This prompted Iggy to go OFF in a series of tweets that have since been deleted:

Please move on and speak about artist you are (hopfully) actually helping, and stop trying to bring me up for relevance.
I don’t bring your a$$ up, NO ONE is asking about you.
I’m tryna be nice because I genuinely have better and more interesting things happening…
But seeing a man speaking out of his a$$hole and blurting our one thing in public and another in private for years is really infuriating.
Keep it pushing sweetie & worry about what your next story line is for family hustle.
The only song you ever were a part of making was “100”
Thankyou for that, but you were NOT a part of the creative OR executive process on that album.
Which is why I’ve always taken issue with you trying to approximate yourself with it’s success.
Let’s talk about 2017 when you randomly walked into my session at paramount and tried to make a case as to way I should “come back to hustle gang” please stop lying!
And move on.
I had to block your number the next day and change where I was recording.
He has NEVER helped me write a song other than 100.
Check the writing credits.
I don’t have ghost writers, but do I write with multiple people on songs especially big pop-leaning ones? Yes. I’ve never claimed otherwise.
Look at the pub credits. It’s public information.
The crazy part is; he really believes it. I don’t understand how you could think you were responsible for something you never even heard until it was mixed and mastered
I think about it but honestly what do I get out of that?
What do I get if I tell you things that would make a lot of you hate this guy? I don’t get shit but you being distracted from my project I’m releasing that I really am proud of

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