Lisaraye Blasts Nicole Murphy Again

LisaRaye Blasts Alleged Michael Misick Marriage Meddler Nicole Murphy AGAIN, Threatens To Drop Receipts

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LisaRaye Blasts Nicole Murphy Again

LisaRaye is NOT done with Nicole Murphy. After at first calling out the actress for allegedly breaking up a home “again” by kissing Antoine Fuqua, LisaRaye doubled down on claims that Nicole meddled in her marriage to Michael Missick.

Now during an appearance on Wendy Williams this week LisaRaye’s once again saying that Eddie Murphy’s ex was up to shady shenanigans. According to LisaRaye when Nicole appeared on Wendy and denied breaking up LisaRaye’s marriage, she did a “play on words.”

“I know she did,” LisaRaye said on Wednesday. “She did a play on words, she said I did not break up LisaRae’s marriage. I wouldn’t give her that much credit to say she broke up anything. “

Not only that, LisaRaye told Wendy that she met with Nicole six months ago about her alleged transgressions and the former First Lady of Turks and Caicos has “receipts” waiting if necessary.

“LisaRaye: “I sat with her a couple of months ago, longer than a couple of months ago. Six months ago.”

Wendy: This was after the alleged affair (with Antoine Fuqua).

LisaRaye: “Before. And I said, ‘Let’s talk about it because I waited a very long time for you and I to get face to face.’ And we had a good conversation because she said to me, ‘We’re two older women that look good, that’s in the business. I hate this.’ And I do too. Because I hate when we can’t bridge the gap between women. We should not be in that position. I will say this, I am not a saint. I got some skeletons in my closet as well. They may come out or they may fall out. But for now, they’re in. But when you have skeletons, you have to be able to say to me, game peep game, truth peeps truth. What’s up, tell me what’s going on. And she sat in my face and lied.

So when she got here and said that I lied, ‘Well, wait a minute, you should have pleaded the fifth. Now you outwardly saying I’m lying, that’s a lie. You know we had a conversation about this. Come talk to me. Now, here’s the thing don’t make me do it with the receipts, don’t make me do it. Because I don’t ever talk about nothing I don’t know. I got proof. The kind that I don’t need to ask nobody else about.”


So far Nicole’s remaining mum on LisaRaye’s latest allegations which might be for the best…


Watch LisaRaye on Wendy Williams below.



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