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Jason Mitchell

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Jason Mitchell Gives First Interview After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

After shockingly being accused of sexual misconduct actor Jason Mitchell is speaking out. As previously reported Mitchell was booted from Showtime’s “The Chi” as well as Netflix’s “Desperados” and  UTA; management company, Authentic Talent & Literary Management for his allegedly inappropriate actions earlier this year. And while he recently allegedly completed a mental health course with a focus on anger management, self-awareness, acceptance of responsibility, and purpose, Jason has remained mum on what happened behind the scenes—up until now.

The actor was a guest on “The Breakfast Club” today and he told Charlamagne and DJ Envy that he’s not quite sure why he got dropped by Netflix, Showtime and his talent agency because the specific allegations are still unclear to him.

He told them a story however about how he made sure one of his female “Desperados” costars made it home after a drunken night, which ultimately lead to his dismissal. Jason is adamant that nothing inappropriate transpired and claimed that he FaceTimed the unnamed actress’s significant other to make sure she made it home.

“To be honest I’m not 100% sure what the allegations are,” said Mitchell. “I went out with a coworker of mine and she got drunk. I made sure she got home and the next day it all kind of slapped me in my face, I’m not sure if her and her significant other had a situation…I actually had a girlfriend at the time too as well and I felt like I was doing the right thing. The next day they canceled the rehearsal, I told them my side of the story and I don’t know if there was something that I missed…”


Not only that Jason made sure to emphasize that he’s a man of good character who never touched ANYONE.

“For anybody who’s ever been around me they know I’m the most loving, sweet person in the world but if I ever did do something, say anything, make anybody uncomfortable, in any kind of way, you have my deepest apologies. That was never my intention, I’ve definitely never put my hands on anybody. I think that Netflix made an executive decision.”

Jason also detailed what happened on The Chi and denied ever sexually harassing his costar Tiffany Boone. According to Jason The Chi’s showrunner Ayanna Floyd weaponized the “Me Too” movement against him.

As previously reported Ayanna told The Hollywood Reporter that she personally filed a complaint about Mitchell and was a “target of his rage and inappropriateness.” She’s also directly contrasting claims that Lena Waithe, “The Chi’s” creator/EP, was unaware of Jason’s actions until the second season of the show.

According to Floyd, “EVERYONE was well aware of Jason’s behavior”—but Jason told “The Breakfast Club” that this is simply untrue. His costar Tiffany Boone did NOT leave the show because of his behavior as Ayanna alleged, instead Tiffany just “got a better job.”

We see…

“There was no situation with Tiffany Boone, she was put in a position, this lady Ayanna Floyd Davis—she went to Deadline and made a statement for Tiffany Boone. She was the only person who ever made a statement at all. The actual reason that I got let go is that Disney saw what was going on with Desperados and they just bought Showtime so they decided not to pick up my option. I’m all for the Me Too movement, I think in this situation, Ayanna tried to use it as a really really ugly weapon.

Tiffany Boone left the show because she got a better job basically, she put in two seasons with us and she got a better job. Right, which is completely ridiculous, anybody who knows Tiffany Boone knows she is the epitome of a black woman. If you try her, she will get you together right then and there.”

The interview is quite interesting, it seems like Jason thinks he didn’t do anything wrong at all and he’s instead the victim of character assassination.

When asked flat out by Charlamagne, “Is Jason Mitchell guilty of any the allegations?”

Mitchell replied;

“No, no…we’ll I’m not sure. I’m not going to say I’m not guilty of any allegations because I don’t know what the allegations are. If that’s what’s in question [making women feel uncomfortable], I may be guilty of that and I’m working on that every day.”

He would later change his tune a little, saying, again, he’s guilty of letting his anger get the best of him with some of the people he’s engaged with on-set.

“I’m definitely guilty of that, if that’s what’s in question then yes,” he said. “If I jumped out and made anybody feel some type of way, intimidated or anything like that, yes, I may be guilty of that. I’m working on that every day.”

Do YOU buy his comments? Watch Jason Mitchell on The Breakfast Club below.



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