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Summer Walker Responds (Again) To People Questioning Her Social Anxiety

Summer Walker knows some people think her social anxiety is “an act” or just a silly excuse—but the songstress is adamant that she’es truly suffering from the chronic mental health condition.

As previously reported Summer took home a Soul Train award Sunday for Best New Artist and it was clear that she was nervous during her short acceptance speech.


The terse speech apparently caused criticism from musty miserables who once again thought that Summer was exaggerating about her condition, mind you these are several of the same people PISSED that she canceled tour dates “to focus on her health” citing her mental health in particular. 

According to an outraged Summer, she can’t believe that she’s getting criticism from moms who could very well be raising children with social anxiety themselves. She likened it to her time growing up and noted that she first experienced the mental health disorder at age 6.

“1.bareface & beautiful,” Summer captioned a post-Soul Train awards photo. know the scariest s*** I’ve been witnessing is that most of the women leaving negative comments like “it’s an act” , “I don’t have the right to act like this b/c I’m famous, “b*** you slow” or just flat out making fun of me for being vulnerable. HAVE CHILDREN, these women have children. It makes me feel soo bad cause it’s clear that if the children are developing or struggling with any type of mental disorder such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, it’ll be brushed to the side and will never receive any treatment because it’ll just be “an act”. These parents are probably so ignorant that instead of reading up on symptoms they just whoop the child sad, my s*** started at 6 so yes kids have it to.”


Does she have a point here? Are people unknowingly shunning their children for being socially anxious when they should be getting them help???

Some fans are adamant that since Summer is able to post fun videos on her Instagram (like this)….

and because of her previous stripper background, her social anxiety HAS to be a farce.

What do YOU think??? Isn’t it time to just let this singer live her life and live her truth???



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