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ASAP Rocky Breaks Silence Over His Decision To Return To Sweden

One of the biggest stories in Hip-Hop this year wasn’t involving a certain rainbow hair wearing rapper but involving ASAP Rocky and his trip to Sweden. For those who may not be familiar, while ASAP was abroad he was minding his business walking the town with his security when they were attacked. Crazed fans approached and assaulted Rocky’s bodyguard and Rocky and his entourage defended themselves. The attack itself went viral with a narrative formed from uninformed parties saying Rocky & his team assaulted fans. In the age of social media whoever speaks first controls the narrative regardless of facts. The attackers played the victim and wanted a small sum of money to forget about the situation and by small we mean not even enough to buy an Xbox in the United States. Ultimately we know what happened next, as previously reported this landed ASAP, his bodyguard and manager in jail for around two weeks. Thanks To MAGA-Kanye even Trump got involved and tweeted to the Swedish government to release the dapper God himself. Rocky and his associates were found guilty and released with no punishment besides leaving Cheeto in office mad he wasn’t thanked for his “help.”

You would think after such a finesse gone wrong and the treatment of the entire situation Rocky would never return but there’s one thing that forever changes a “never” to “possibly” to “let’s do it”, it’s always money. ASAP Rocky was offered the right amount to change his mind and is returning to Sweden to perform which was announced a few weeks back.

Since the announcement Rocky has stayed silent about the situation but that all changed when he was caught leaving a restaurant in NYC. Rocky states seeing people like him locked up without the fame to help as a major reason for the change of heart. ASAP says he’s donating proceeds from his concert in Stockholm to an immigrant rights org called FARR, the Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups.

You can watch the entire interview below via TMZ.




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