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Lee Daniels Stuck With Both Of Dame Dash’s Outstanding $950K Back Child Support Tabs

Dame Dash has had a hell of a kick off for the holiday season. Last week Dame was entangled in pop culture headlines due to his arrest over back child support. Dame is in the hole over $950k to the mother of his children Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales and ranted about how “everyone is trying to get over on him” and let us know Kanye West is the only person to call and check on him. While all this was flaring up a deposition leaked online showing Dame giving us true vintage Dame Dash vibes destroying a lawyer with the scathing wordplay. Of course, while all this was happening, Dame dropped some timely Jay-Z slander and Twitter ate him up for it. Our boy Dame will never ever bite his tongue for anyone no matter how much is going on in his life.

It seems Dame’s back child support is now involving someone who thought they had finally had Dame out of their hair.

TMZ broke the news that Lee Daniels has officially been brought into the child support battle. Flashback to last summer, Dame Dash went viral for running up on Lee Daniels for owing him money and refusing to pay. To make it worse Dame claimed Lee was avoiding him as if he didn’t know him.

Dame turned his run-in with Lee into a spectacle but it seemingly woked and both parties allegedly came to an agreement to clear the debt. Fast forward to now and Dame’s outstanding child support case has crossed roads with that settlement. Earlier this year both of his baby mommas sued Lee Daniels to try and get direct payments to clear up the debt. It didn’t work then but now it looks like the back child support will indeed come from the Dame and Lee Daniels agreement.

On Tuesday, Roy and Morales’ attorney Donnell Suares, and Dash’s attorney Natraj Bhushan informed the court the child support will come directly out of the pot of money Lee owes Damon.

The deal calls for the women to be paid in installments of several thousand dollars per quarter until the total of $950k is paid in full.

Rachel and Cindy had this idea earlier this year when they sued Lee to get direct payments.

You’ll recall, just last month — in an entirely different legal battle — Dash cried poverty, saying in court docs he couldn’t pay off a $2,400 debt. You’ll recall, cops arrested Dame about 2 weeks ago over the child support. When he got out he told us he’d paid what he owed.

Now Dame, Lee, Cindy and Rachel are waiting for a judge to sign off on the agreement and this all will be behind them for now.


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