8-Year-Old Girl Forced To Be Stripped Searched While Attending State Prison

SMH: 8-Year-Old Girl Forced To Do A Strip Search While Visiting Her Father In Prison

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Source: MediaNews Group/St. Paul Pioneer Press via Getty Images / Getty

An 8-Year-Old Girl Was Strip Searched While Visiting A State Prison

According to CNN, an 8-year-old girl visiting her father at a Virginia prison was reportedly strip searched last month in violation of state policy.

The girl was said to be visiting her father, an inmate at Buckingham Correctional Center. The staff member requested the search because a drug-sniffing dog flagged the daughter and the adult accompanying her, which is department policy.

However, Department of Corrections policy requires that a parent or legal guardian approve the strip search of minors. In this case, an unrelated adult visitor signed off, against policy. The unrelated relative was later identified as the fathers girlfriend, but she was not legal authorized to make decisions on her behalf.

Now, the staff member who ordered the search didn’t have the authority to do so and is facing disciplinary action. Women’s rights lawyer Nicole Tortoriello spoke up about the policies that the corrections depart have in place.

“Children should never in any circumstances be subjected to an invasive, humiliating, traumatizing strip or cavity search administered by strangers while attempting to visit a loved one in a correctional facility.”

The Virginia Department of Corrections had previously been under fire for proposing tactics such as banning visitors from using tampons, menstrual pads, or other menstrual products.





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