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President Trump Holds "Merry Christmas" Campaign Rally In Michigan

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Donald Trump Says Deceased Congressman John Dingell Is In Hell, Mocks Widow

Donald Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives last night. While the Democrats and Republicans in Congress were impeaching him, he was on stage in Battle Creek, Michigan mocking a deceased Congressman and his grieving wife.

Democratic Rep. John Dingell, a World War II veteran and 43rd Dean of the U.S. House of Representatives died back in February of this year. The Michigan Congressman was largely revered for his work in civil rights, the environment, and healthcare. Dingell’s wife, Michigan state Rep. Debbie Dingle, voted “yes” to both articles of impeachment against Trump and that made Donald very angry. So angry that he took it upon himself not to chide Rep. Dingell for her vote or policies, no, he thought it best to mock her grief and smear her dead husband by suggesting that he might be in hell.


Even the morally-questionable MAGAs of Michigan audibly cringed at the sight of the President of the United States mocking a dead man his heartbroken wife.

The way Trump still talks about deceased Senator John McCain, we’re not really that surprised but it’s still just as disgusting.

THIS is who Republicans love and cherish more than any President ever. This man. The one who mocks dead people and their families. We can’t wait to hear what is said about him the day he dies. It will be glorious.


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