Julian Castro officially drops out of the 2020 Presidential race

We Gon’ Be All White: Julián Castro Drops Out Of Presidential Race, Three Minority Candidates Left

- By Bossip Staff


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Julian Castro Ends Presidential Campaign

The Democratic race for the presidency got a little whiter today.

Julián Castro has just announced that his bid to win the White House is over.

Cory Booker, Deval Patrick, and Andrew Yang are the last remaining candidates of color in the Democratic race. Neither Booker nor Yang has ascended beyond single-digit the polling since the inception of their respective candidacies. Black voters only favored either man at 1% and 2% respectively according to a December 10, 2019 Quinnipiac Poll. Deval Patrick JUST entered the race weeks ago and millions of people have no idea who he is.

It was widely reported that Castro struggled to raise the kind of money that his Democratic colleagues continue to bring in on a monthly basis. Additionally, Castro raised valid issues about the fact that largely white states, Iowa and New Hampshire, get to vote first in the primary despite not being representative of the larger electorate.

God bless Cory Booker and good luck to Andrew Yang, but it appears inevitable that the person who will represent the Democrats against Donald Trump will be a white person, and likely a white man. Despite the range of diversity among the plethora of 2020 candidates, here we are.




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