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Here’s What Happened When Yovanna Was Exposed As The #RHOA ‘Snake’

RHOA’s #Snakegate, as anticlimactic as it was, is over. During Sunday’s episode, viewers saw things come to a head in Toronto over that alleged recording. As previously reported all signs pointed to newbie Yovanna Momplaisir being the “snake” who took a secret recording of Cynthia Bailey dissing NeNe Leakes.

The ladies confronted Yovanna in Marlo Hampton’s hotel room over the supposed “#Snakegate” and even though Yovanna tried to deflect, her buddy NeNe outed her as the slithering shade thrower.

“Snake is just not a nice word. So I wouldn’t call her a snake,” Leakes said in confessional. “[But] is Yovanna the one with the information? Yes.”

Still, NeNe for some reason refused to just tell the ladies the truth about Yovanna, even as Cynthia Bailey cried and pleaded with her.

“You know what, I’m not a snitch,” said NeNe before admitting that she’s getting payback for Cynthia’s reluctance to tell her about inviting Kenya Moore to her party. Remember that?

“I don’t owe her that. She didn’t tell me anything when I needed to know. She didn’t give me any warning signs. She didn’t give me a heads up. So I’m not giving her a heads up. No.”

Viewers are STILL unclear why Yovanna wouldn’t just fess up to being the “snake” and NeNe confronted her about it.

NeNe: “Yovanna, listen. I don’t understand why…I’m trying to have your back,” she said. “I’m just like, girl. All of this time, you know and I know that there’s audio. So why don’t you just say it? … I can’t fight all these girls I’ve known for years.”

Yovanna: “I refuse to be attacked. I said it 10 times. I’m not going to keep defending myself. That’s not my character and that’s not who I am. Period. It’s like eight against one right now!”

Yovanna: “I said what I wanted to say, NeNe.”

Yovanna then shadily hurled insults at Porsha Williams (“You need to worry about your man, your man is the snake!”) and Porsha asked security to escort her out.

Later after NeNe and Kenya nearly came to blows, Yovanna was seen leaving Toronto with her luggage and presumably heading home to Atlanta.

She’s now defending herself and told Sister Circle that she’s NOT a snake.

Hit the flip for her words.



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