Blac Chyna Has To Cough Up $72K To Former Landlord After Ignoring Lawsuit

Pay Yo Bills: Blac Chyna Has To Cough Up $72K To Former Landlord After Ignoring Lawsuit

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Blac Chyna Has To Cough Up $72K To Her Former Landlord

When you’re a celebrity, you should always keep a good legal team to protect you from bogus lawsuits and help you properly fight the legitimate ones–because when you don’t have a good team around you and ignore lawsuits almost every time your name is on a court docket,  the judge will rule against you, no matter what the case. We saw this happen most recently when Birdman ignored a lawsuit from a former employee, which led to the judge hooking said employee up with a multi-million-dollar payday simply because Birdman didn’t bother showing up.

Now, we can add Blac Chyna to the list of celebrities who just won’t quit testing these judges and not showing up to their court dates. The reality star has been entangled in a lawsuit with her former landlord recently, a man by the name of Michael Kremerman, who was suing her for both unpaid rent along with damages to the rental home she used to occupy. We exclusively broke news on Blac Chyna’s ongoing legal battle and added that a judge was mulling a default judgment against Chy in the $80,000 back rent case.

During a Jan, 8 hearing the judge found that the landlord’s default judgment paperwork was incomplete and ordered him to come back with the fixed documents before he issued the ruling, the clerk confirmed to BOSSIP.

Now there’s an update.

Instead of doing the bare minimum and at least responding to the suit, Chy ignored it, and now her negligence combined with not ever showing up in court ended up costing Blac Chyna $72,000 via a default judgment. According to reports from TMZ, Kremerman was awarded the negative balance of $48,546 plus interest and attorney’s fees. Hopefully, Chyna gets her legal strategy together sometime soon, because even if she decides to plead guilty in this case, she’d save herself $30k and her business from being in the headlines–which is priceless.

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