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Azriel Clary Claims R. Kelly Physically Abused Her, Forced Victims To Make Child Porn With Family Members

This. is. shocking.

Now out of her abuser’s grasp, Azriel Clary is telling ALL about R. Kelly.

The 22-year-old who made headlines when she got into that physical altercation with R. Kelly’s other girlfriend Joycelyn Savage, is now safe and at home with her family and she recently chatted with U.K.’s The Sun about the years of abuse she suffered from the singer.

Clary told the publication that their relationship was abusive, physically, mentally and sexually, and a number of her allegations corroborate the women’s stories from “Surviving R. Kelly.” Azriel who admits that she was brainwashed, said she met R. Kelly when she was 17 and like her parents previously alleged, fell into his grasp because he promised to help with her music career.

He’d later allegedly tell her that she was his #1 girlfriend (out of five) and would one day marry her. Azriel told The Sun she was forced into having group sex with men and women several times a day and Kelly allegedly performed grotesque sex acts.

“The women say they were forced to have sex with R Kelly – or have group sex with him and other men and women – three to five times day.

Sometimes they would be made to take part in degrading sexual acts – and he is accused of urinating on and defecating on women.

If they didn’t “perform well” or satisfy his twisted desires – they would be punished.

“Sexual abuse did happen regularly,” Azriel said.

“Robert had a high sex drive so usually 3 to 5 times a day was normal for him.”

Azriel alleges that if one of the girlfriends “didn’t perform well” or “embarrassed him”, they’d be beaten. She also claimed that the petulant Pied Piper one day beat her with a size 12 Nike shoe and made another woman bathe her afterward while her body was covered in cuts and bruises so he could watch.

“Then he beat me with a shoe – a size 12, Nike Air Force One shoe,” Azriel told The Sun. “And he beat me all over, it felt like hours and I was covered in welts all the way from my neck down.” He had ‘Juice’, another girlfriend come in there. He already made me strip naked, but he made her run me a bath tub of warm water and he made her bathe me.

“Afterwards, he came in there and he apologized and sobbed and cried and he did everything to try and make me feel like he was so sincere.”

SICKENING—and it only gets worse.

In a shocking portion of the interview Azriel makes claims about incestuous molestation and how R. Kelly used it to blackmail his victims; hit the flip.


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