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Kenya Moore is none too pleased with her (now estranged) husband constantly playing nice with her nemesis. If you watched RHOA last night then you no doubt saw the moment that Marc Daly didn’t have Kenya’s back concerning NeNe Leakes (AGAIN).

First, Kenya told her husband she didn’t want NeNe to attend a fundraiser they were hosting for The Black Man Lab. According to Kenya she and NeNe were “not in a good place” and she implored her husband not to invite her especially after their finger-pointing blowup in Toronto that made her feel “very uncomfortable.” Kenya told Marc that NeNe “tried to fight her” but Marc scoffed at the idea.

Marc: “She tried to fight you?”

Kenya: “Yes. She got in my face, pointing, and people had to hold her back.”

Marc: “A lot of people get in your face. That don’t mean they wanna fight.”

Damn, Marc! (:53)

Later when NeNe and Gregg popped up at Kenya and Marc’s couple’s bowling night, Marc once again played nice and silenced “Ken” who tried to still play nasty and rude when it came to NeNe.

“Ken! Ken! Ken, let’s reign it in. Let’s put all this me, you, I — put that away,” said Marc.

He later told NeNe flat out that OF COURSE she was invited to their event and a defeated “Ken”, stood down.

“I would never divide a couple, so I want you guys both there. Kenya agrees,” said Marc while Kenya nodded her head.

According to Kenya, she’s OVER her husband “kissing NeNe’s a**.” Kenya told producers that she’s upset that Marc thinks that just because NeNe introduced him to her husband Gregg, that they should be friends.


“I had a problem with the fact that he is always kissing Nene’s ass from meeting her once or twice and she introduced Gregg to him,” said Kenya during the RHOA after-show. “So somehow that made him feel so good and so important that he like is riding for her.”


When a producer questioned if Marc was using his NeNe relationship to get “assimilated into Atlanta’s society”, Kenya shut that down. According to Kenya that can’t be true because NeNe is far from a socialite, Kandi is.

“NeNe is not the person in the group that’s most connected in Atlanta, Kandi is and it’s not because she’s sitting right here okay?” Kenya added on the after show. “Seriously she is not the socialite, no one wants to invite her to any party she’s loud and obnoxious and she treats her fans horribly so no one’s clamoring to get it Nene to invite them to things in Atlanta. Kandi is the only one that I would have to say if you want to meet the elite of Atlanta, you will need to buddy up to Kandi. I mean she’s friends with the mayor, I mean come on!”



What do YOU think about Kenya calling out Marc Daly’s love for NeNe Leakes???


Mind you all this happened prior to their divorce filing, do you think it put a strain on their marriage???





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