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Diamond Jack

Source: Love Is Blind / Netflix

It’s time for the other half of that messy #LoveIsBlind breakup to speak out. As previously reported Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton, the only black couple on the Netflix show, quickly became trending topics after a huge blowup surrounding Carlton’s hidden bisexuality.

Carlton has since given his side of the story and said that he’s dated “open-minded” women who have no problem with his sexuality and added that his attraction to men “isn’t’ a sexual thing” because he’s been celibate for several years.

Now it’s Diamond’s turn.

Diamond was a guest on V-103’s “The Morning Culture” with guest host Big Tigger and she told Tigger allllll about what went down. According to Diamond, while blind dating Carlton in the pods, he was charming and “checked off” all the boxes on her list.

“We spoke about a lot of things; religion, our parents, our careers, everything we spoke about was a check on my list,” said Diamond. “He was very charming, a gentleman, very sweet and then moving forward to that scene, I was like, ‘What is going on?!’ Yes, he did not expose himself and his sexuality.”

According to Diamond she had no inclination about Carlton’s sexuality and Tigger asked her flat out if she had “gaydar.” (Now, that term’s not really correct, but okay) Diamond said she considered being with Carlton after his revelation and needed time to think. Ultimately, however, she concluded that he was playing games.

“The first time he exposed his sexuality to me, if I did not want to be with him I would’ve been deuces right then and there,” said Diamond. ‘I would’ve been like, ‘Bye, have a good one this is not for me!’ I was trying to be consoling, understanding and I really had to sleep on it. Then when I thought about it, I was like ‘I feel like you played the experiment.’ I felt like you weren’t being your true self, you weren’t being honest.
“I did think about it,” she added. “First of all I was blown away but then I was like, let me put myself in his shoes. He just came out and said something that he never really told anyone about then he also said no girl’s ever had a problem with it—I was so confused.”

Diamond who says she has no regrets about participating in the Netflix show that filmed in 2018 admitted however that she’s upset that Carlton “took her out of her character.”

“I regret how I responded,” said Diamond. “I was mad that I allowed him to get me out of character. I’m usually the sweetest, kindest person, I don’t like confrontation at all. That’s the only thing I do regret. I do think he played the system like I said. I felt like he should’ve been upfront and honest with me and we could’ve made decisions based off that.”

There’s LOTS more to unpack here including Tigger bringing up men being on the down-low.

Hit the flip.

According to Diamond, Carlton’s bisexuality is a choice so why shouldn’t she have a choice to date him with that information presented?

Tigger: “At least give you the information to make a choice…”

Diamond: “Yeah, make a choice. He has a choice that he wants to be bisexual and that’s honest. Honestly, that’s great, I don’t have anything against anybody who’s bisexual. I respect that community if that’s what you wanna do, that’s what you wanna do. On me, you have to allow me to make a choice as well. I feel like that [choice] was taken away from me and that’s not fair.”

Tigger also asked Diamond if she was concerned about her health dating a bisexual man and brought up down-low men, something that’s often attributed to Atlanta. As you can imagine, that’s raising eyebrows.

Tigger: “African-American women in Atlanta are entirely frightened of the whole down-low situation. If for no other reason than health reasons, was that your major concern?”

Diamond: “No I didn’t even think about it. The only thing I really thought about was that I was betrayed, I was embarrassed, I’m on national TV—what is going on? There were other things running through my mind but I did not think that initially. Now that you mention it I’m sure it’s definitely a topic to talk about.”

Carlton himself is none too pleased with the interview. As previously reported he BLASTED Diamond and Big Tigger for being “biphobic and homophobic” and hurled down low allegations at the radio host.

“So @bigtiggershow implied that I have an STD this morning on his radio show and that it was the reason Diamond didn’t select me. Now, he’s posting about me on his story! YOU A BXTCH FOR THIS! How dare you play off of the ignorance of the Black Community. If we all started bringing receipts on your alleged DL escapades, we’d be asking you that question!”

M E S S Y.

You can watch Diamond’s full interview below, do YOU agree with her that Carlton “took away her choice”?

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