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"Love Is Blind" Private Screening & Reception

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“Some people want fame so bad!”

One of the controversial stars of Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” is calling out the woman he fell in love with on the show. As previously reported Carlton who initially hid being bisexual to his fiancee Diamond is claiming that he’s being hit with death threats and harsh criticism.

Now Carlton says Diamond herself is making disparaging comments about him in the press.

According to Carlton, Diamond was a guest on V-103 Atlanta and she and Tigger BOTH made biphobic and homophobic comments about him and his sexual history. He’s now threatening legal action.

Can y’all do me a favor and tell her STOP TALKING ABOUT ME IN THE PRESS! This “woman” literally just said on the radio “he made a CHOICE to be bisexual”! Oh so LGBT people made the CHOICE to deal with this type of homophobia and biphobia?! Then @bigtiggershow gets on and asks if she was worried due to STD and HEALTH concerns. I’ve been CELIBATE for the past 2.5 years by CHOICE and have NEVER had an STD! As if the LGBT community is just so promiscuous. How trashy! Some people want fame so bad! If this is how we are playing, LET’S GO! My LAWYER is READY!‼️ #Obsessed #Homophobe

Carlton also sent some shade Big Tigger’s way and accused him of being on the down-low. It also sounds like he might be threatening him.

“So @bigtiggershow implied that I have an STD this morning on his radio show and that it was the reason Diamond didn’t select me. Now, he’s posting about me on his story! YOU A BXTCH FOR THIS! How dare you play off of the ignorance of the Black Community. If we all started bringing receipts on your alleged DL escapades, we’d be asking you that question! I’ve been celibate for 2.5 years bc I don’t believe in sex outside of a relationship. Stop over-sexualizing the LGBT community. We deserve LOVE to. It’s more than sex to some of us. How irresponsible of @v103atlanta @themorningculturev103 to even allow this! My family is on the way to ATL! Bet.”

Now, Carlton……


This all comes after the two seemingly were playing nice in a PEOPLE magazine interview and spoke on getting back in touch after filming concluded in 2018. According to Carlton, they reached “common ground” and Diamond added that she forgave him.

CARLTON: It took a full year because I didn’t send a message until the holidays. And that’s because all the cast was on the GroupMe app and you can break off and do private messages. I’d seen that she was in there and the cast had met up on several occasions and I just didn’t go because I didn’t know what the energy would be. Not that I felt like she would lash out or anything. I just didn’t want for either one of us to feel uncomfortable because we had not had spoken. So I just wished her happy holidays she responded in due time. And I think the next message was Happy Birthday or something and then it just was small talk. And then when it came to us getting the emails saying the show was coming out, I called her. I’m glad that we were able to come to a common ground to still have respect for one another.

DIAMOND: I do understand where Carlton is coming from. The reason why I didn’t want to speak to him before was, because I needed time to just heal. Honestly, I was hurt. As you see, I’ve cried on national TV for hours. The cameras didn’t even get me right away. So I needed the time to heal. And then also I wanted to make sure I knew what to say and understand where he was coming from. Because I give Carlton the utmost respect for coming out and telling the world his story. And I feel like the world can be very negative about it and then they can be positive about it. I know it’s hard for anyone to do something like that. So I’ve wanted to make sure I had the right questions and just knew how to approach it. And also I had to forgive him and be able to be in a comfortable space with him. And once he apologized, I wanted to hear him out. I wanted to hear why. You never know what people are going through. You never know their story. And I really wanted to know what happened, what was going on and why it happened that way.


Sources say however that there have been other shady moments between the two that might play out in the press.

What do YOU think about Carlton and Diamond (still) having some petty public beef?



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