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Elizabeth Warren will no longer be running to become the 46th President of the United States and the first woman president.

Just minutes ago the Senator from Massachusetts announced that she will be suspending her campaign. While Warren might not have garnered the support from auntie and ’em who seemingly, according to many polls, decided quite some time ago that the Black vote was going to Joe Biden, she ran a tough and efficient campaign.

Warren’s platform was largely based on a progressive agenda that would hold the filthiest rich people in America accountable for paying their fair share, provide affordable college education, and ensure that women, Black people, and other minorities who have been slighted by dreams that America has sold.

According to the New York Times, Warren, unlike her Democratic colleagues, will not jump on the bandwagon of either one of the grumpy, old, white guys who will be fighting geriatrically to defeat Donald Trump in November. The report also details how the woman who was once the leader of the pack had dramatically fallen on the wayside, failing to regain the traction she gained during the initial months of her presidential run.

Ms. Warren’s political demise was a death by a thousand cuts, not a dramatic implosion but a steady decline. Last October, according to most national polls, Ms. Warren was the national pacesetter in the Democratic field. By December, she had fallen to the edge of the top tier, wounded by a presidential debate in November where her opponents relentlessly attacked her.

She invested heavily in the early states, with a ground game that was the envy of her rivals. But it did not pay off: In the first four early voting states, Ms. Warren slid from third place in Iowa to fourth in New Hampshire and Nevada to fifth in South Carolina. By Super Tuesday, her campaign was effectively over — with the final blow of a third-place finish in the primary of her home state, Massachusetts.

Hopefully, once the dust settles a bit more, Biden or Bernie will tap Senator Warren for a role in one of their administrations, but only time will tell. For now, Black America and women will have to watch two old white guys argue over who will lead us into the 2020s.




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