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Another day, another Drake dating story…

Meylssa Ford And Toccara Jones

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Champagne Papi was apparently pretty busy back in the day, so much so that he dated two models who were friends AT THE EXACT SAME TIME.

Melyssa Ford recently had Toccara Jones on her I’m Here For The Food, podcast with co-host Blue Telusma when the topic of dating came up. According to Melyssa, back in the day when she was a video vixen and when Toccarra was fresh off “Top Model”, they attracted the attention of a certain Canadian rapper.

After dancing around the rapper’s identity and only calling him a “hoe a**” the ladies eventually revealed that it was Drake who was dating both of them at the exact same time.

According to the model,  a similar situation happened before when they found out that Toccara’s beau was seeing Melyssa at the same time as well, and that incident made Toccara hesitant to tell Melyssa about Drizzy.

After feeling guilty, Toccara eventually told Melyssa and luckily there were no hard feelings—Melyssa dropped him immediately.

“She was just like dude you’re talking to, I’m talking to him too,” said Melyssa. “And I was just like…oh. What I said to her, ‘Knock yourself out.’ I didn’t have to have a conversation with him. I was going to eventually not eventually probably the next day or something like that because he called me. I just want to say this, that there was no way I was losing my friend to this guy, no matter who the f*ck he was. I was not losing my girlfriend.”

Melyssa then went on to say that Drake was being “greedy” because they’re both “seven-course meals.”

No lies told there. 


“To me, I thought, ‘Wow, you really did bite off more than you could chew.’ Because I mean—you’ve got Tocarra and then you got me. What I’m trying to say here is the two of us are each a seven-course meal. So you greedy, gluttonous m*thaf*cka. And it wasn’t a secret that we were friends. That was what had me. You didn’t to date girlfriends. Don’t be messy.”


Melyssa also emphasized on IG the importance of women sticking together, even if there’s a multiplatinum rapper involved.

The ladies didn’t just discuss Drake, they talked about Toccara’s entrepreneurship and custom Intimate Apparel Line “Toccara’s Intimates.”

Melyssa’s “I’m Here For The Food” airs Tuesday’s at 10:00am PST on Youtube & all podcast streaming platforms.

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