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“Social Sovereigns: Women Who Enhance The World With Impactful Impressions”

Coronavirus has taken over the news cycle, but we’d be absolutely remiss if we didn’t remind you that March’s shine should go to some worthy women brightening up our newsfeeds.

Here at BOSSIP we’re all about embracing the power of social media and there are key mavens whose content creation and thought-provoking power can’t be missed. For Women’s History Month, we’re not only celebrating #BossipWomenWeLove, we’re giving you a glimpse into the world of our favorite impression impresarios.

Check out the latest pick from our “Social Sovereigns: Women Who Enhance The World With Impactful Impressions” list.


Tatiana Skroskis a.k.a. The Trap Witch is exactly what your Instafeed needs especially during these problematic pandemic times. She’s a bold and beautiful blessing in double-tap and unabashedly in-your-face about using your spirituality and your sexuality to better your life. Dubbed the “Cardi B of Consciousness”, The Trap Witch is indeed a Witch (W.I.T.C.H. (“Woman In Total Control Of Herself”) whose Brujeria, words of wisdom and bubbly personality engrosses her 111K followers.

The Trap Witch went from performing sensual massages to pulling tarot cards and sharing messages about the limitless power of uniting your masculine and feminine energies. She’s open about her past and previously told XONecole all about her journey to becoming a self-proclaimed motivational witch who battles the negative connotations that come with not only her craft but her outright sexuality. Modesty is NOT a virtue, says The Trap Witch.

“My spiritual awakening happened during that time,” said The Trap Witch about her past as a sex worker. “I found that I liked the healing aspect of massage, but I made the best of the work by actually talking to people. Sex work gets a bad reputation, but that’s where I found my confidence to start speaking to people more and understanding more about psychology.”

She continued, “After quitting the business with $1000 left to my name, I sat on the porch with my cellphone and some tarot cards and just started to channel my messages into motivational words.”

The words she wanted to share came and the Trap Witch’s social media reign began. Our lives have been all the better since and our timelines have been blessed with wisdom.

The Trap Witch is all about manifesting the life you want and putting the work into that achievement. She tells her followers to move with intention, practice self-care and to ultimately be in touch with their higher selves. She believes in lighting people internally and making them “lighthouses of magic.”

Some of her most popular posts surround women demanding to be properly loved and feeling emboldened enough to leave and heal if they’re being mistreated. She makes it very plain; if someone’s not treating you well, don’t worry someone else will. She colorfully puts it this way;

“For every man that’s not treating you right or the way you deserve, there is a man willing to eat a cupcake out of your a**,” reads a viral quote from Tatiana.

Lie and say you’re not inspired or at least smiling at her candor.

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We salute you as a social sovereign—all hail The Trap Witch! Get your Trap Witch fix by following her HERE. 


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