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We finally reached the first Friday of the worldwide Coronavirus quarantine that continues to shut down our whole entire life while driving us to the brink of insanity.

At no point did we imagine going this long without seeing sunlight but we’re here–stir crazy, bored and constantly scrolling the internet for a glimmer of hope.

Man, it’s been skressful but at least we have Twitter to lift our spirits with endless waves of hilarious tweets, memes and videos that keep us laughing through these uncertain (and increasingly toilet paper-less times).

Hit the flip for another round of Coronavirus tweets to make you laugh to keep from panicking.

“Day 3 of quarantine” – this is quite possibly the greatest global pandemic quarantine idea in the history of Planet Earth.

“Exaggerating how I survived the coronavirus to my grandkids” – us too, in 2067

“Trying to hold in your cough do nobody thinks you have #Coronavirus” – the best, most hilariously relatable tweet on Twitter right now

“This the only person who can stop the CoronaVirus right now” – the man, the myth, the legend, Dr. Niggy Howser

“day 4 of quarantine….. bout to risk it all” – whew, we’d love to smash those corona cakes to smithereens

“Y’all better let that man go on the mf golf course” – no, but, seriously

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“day 8 of quarantine: the ceiling is gonna make me act up” – that’s gotta be the sexiest ceiling ever

“We’re scared but not drink unsweet tea scared.” – truer words during a pandemic have never been spoken

“Day 4 of Quarantine. Wine has become my new favorite drink” – this is definitely peak cabin fever

“Quarantine gotta n*ggas like” – the fanciest, most spectacular struggle meals are definitely being prepared

“My 8 year old daughter just yelled “Oh no the toilet is smoking!!” My wife and I ran to the bathroom to find this. It’s just day 4 of home school.” – imagine what happens on Day 8 or 12

“Oh my” – all that supa dupa body wrap won’t save her from the virus but good try tho

“IM CRYING SHE REALLY DIDNTSKKSNDKS” nope, this is what learning your lesson looks like.

“Government: * freezes rent/mortgage and student loan payments *

Apple Music:”

– apocalypse or not, they don’t play about their money


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