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Remy Martin celebrates Tristan Thompson's Birthday at Beauty & Essex

Source: Jerritt Clark / Getty

Tristan Thompson‘s birthday was earlier this week. The baller just turned 29 years old. He’s spent the last few years in the middle of one scandal after another en route to a nasty breakup with Khloe.

At the heart of that breakup was an allegation that he and Jordyn Woods had some sort of improper interaction. That interaction led to Jordyn being exiled from the Kardashian and Jenner families.

Fast Forward to this past week and the Kardashians, namely Kim, are celebrating his birthday.

This has caused people to call them out for bringing Tristan back into the fold and continuing to trash Jordyn. Fair? Hit the flip to see the chaos.

@ckzmua: They dragged Jordyn through the mud but are still cool w Tristan? Funny

“Wait lol But he ruined your sister’s lil family by cheating on her and humiliating her in front of the world! Make this make sense when y’all dogged Jordyn out. y’all so parched for Black dick you don’t even care how badly it treats y’all”

“so your gonna wish the guy that cheated on your pregnant sister a happy birthday…..but bash jordyn online….”

“Wasn’t the Kardashians blaming Jordyn Woods for the reason Kloè and Tristan broke up instead of the man that was actually cheating?”

“I never rlly cared whether Jordyn ever actually did shit w Khloes baby daddy or not but like the fact that the whole Kardashian family did everything they can to single out, bring down and ostracize Jordyn while still being tight w Tristan…just say y’all hate Black women and go”

“He’s forgiven after cheating on her multiple times…publicly. He initiated the kiss, just like he initiated his community peen to women multiple times, was caught on camera with two women once. But yea…Jordyn was the problem here. Not “cheated multiple times” Tristan.”

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“The clownery jumped out real fast. So you’ll publicly humiliate Jordyn in front of the whole world and call her a home wrecker but still hang out with Tristan?”

“lol peep how they forgave tristan even tho his a mass cheater and still have jordyn woods on the back burner for a mistake. i will ALWAYS hate this family on god”

“People really don’t realize Tristan is khloes daughters father no matter how much of a dumba$$ he is.. “you going to wish Jordyn a happy birthday too?” NO B*** SHE HAS NO BABIES WITH THE FAMILY. Lmfaoooo as if Kim would wish him a HB if he didn’t have a child with her sister..”


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