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Chicago Bulls v Brooklyn Nets

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News of coronavirus infecting four Brooklyn Nets players has lead to an ugly incident at a Brooklyn condo building according to NYPost.

Forward Wilson Chandler lives in the One Brooklyn Bridge Park building and was called into a meeting with the property manager that he feels was insulting. He took to Twitter to tell his side of the story:

Word must have traveled fast about Wilson’s lil’ tirade and one anonymous condo-owner came forward to defend the manager:

“She is always professional and courteous and only wants to protect everybody who lives in our building.”

The source added, “We’re all trying to be safe during this pandemic, so it’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask Chandler if he’s healthy since numerous members of his team have been infected.”

Brotha, we hear you. You don’t like being singled out. But it’s not like she asked you approached you because you’re Black, or wearing a hoodie, or have tattoos on your face. She’s coming to you because YOUR COTDAMN TEAMMATES HAVE THE CORONAVIRUS! Several of them.

Might not be such a bad idea if you never…never came home again.



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