Did NeNe Leakes Actually Spit On Kenya Moore?

Loogie-Gate: The Internet Is FIGHTING Over NeNe’s Spitting…Was She Out Of Line?!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 12

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It’s been a mystery that has spanned the past six months. We’ve all be wondering if it was true. Could it be? Did it really happen? Did Nene really spit on Kenya? There have been clips and trailers that have us wondering if the spittle was actually delivered. Good thing this all happened before the Corona because that is NOT how you socially distance.

Now this week the actual spit moment finally happened. There’s still debate over if there was an actual spit delivery. Was she just clearing out popcorn kernels to make space? Was she actually trying to spit? Twitter is split down the middle and wondering. They are also debating whether or not this was a step too far for Nene.

We know that Kenya has been a big ol’ dumpster fire this season but spitting? That seems like a lot, no? Twitter has the answers and the debate is raging. Take a look and see for yourselves.

“Nene: *tries to throw things and spit on Kenya*

Nene, again: I’m going to drag her every time I see her.

Nene, continued: That’s why your husband don’t like you.

Also Nene: I never want to hurt another woman.


“Whew I can’t believe Nene is acting like this. She’s too old to be trying to spit on someone! #RHOA”

“Idc Kenya really provokes people. You kept a bullhorn in Porsha’s face & wonder why she dragged your ass. Then you keep poking at Nene & wonder why she wants to spit on you Loudly crying face #RHOA”

“I was expecting more from Nene trying to spit on Kenya. The way the blogs are hyping it up I thought it would be HUGE. This whole season is so anti-climactic… #rhoa”

“So Nene threatens to spit on Kenya but that’s okay because it’s Nene but Kenya the worst b**** on the planet Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy #RHOA”

“I love how Bravo rolls back the receipts. NeNe did call
child a buffalo. If she feels hurt by it then apologize and let it go. NeNe is foul. Trying to spit on someone but yet everyone still wants to blame Kenya for everything. #RHOA”

“Nene was wrong for trying to spit on Kenya BUT Kenya never takes no accountability whatsoever and Kandi & Cynthia kiss her ass every step of the way. #RHOA”

“Nene was just about to spit on Kenya and then they sit down to talk through their issues LOL you can’t make this stuff up! #RHOA #BravoTV”

“Nene really didnt drag Kenya though. She was loud, throwing peanuts and acting like she was going to spit on her. We already heard her talk about her fake booty and contacts before #RHOA”

“so… nene doesn’t feel sorry about trying to spit on Kenya? hmm. low down, nasty, and vile! #rhoa”

“Come on Nene you took that to a new low if you ever had a trace of class you just erased it tonight. We don’t spit or even act like you are #RHOA”

“I’m hollering nene said we are in Greece Flag of Greece you suppose to get all them popcorn seeds Rolling on the floor laughing spit spit spit! Omg smh this fight #RHOA”

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“Nene is THREATENED by
. She is threatened by all of Kenya’s friendships. She isn’t friends anymore with Cynthia BECAUSE Cynthia invited Kenya to her launch party last season. Her throwing peanuts and trying to spit on Kenya is a new low! #RHOA”

“Nah, Nene would’ve gotten her big overgrown drunk a$$ her BEAT TF DOWN for you even TRYING to spit on my ass!!!! Her a$$ deserves NO respect!!! #RHOA”

“Nene is still the biggest a$$hole on the show. Disingenuous, two-faced, venomous, petty. She’s ALWAYS been like that to everyone…and then to attempt to spit on Kenya? Trashy. You don’t have to like Kenya, but she uses words and if you can’t keep up, that’s on you. #RHOA”



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