Judge Tosses Future’s Bid To Pursue Stalking Case Against Eliza Reign

Judge Tosses Future’s Bid To Pursue Stalking Case Against Alleged Baby Mama Eliza Reign (Exclusive)

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Future said Reign then gave a podcast interview where she described his genitalia as well as their sex life, which he said was another attempt to hurt him.

“The respondent has essentially spent the last year posting videos and pictures directed at me in an effort to harass me, harm me, my reputation and career all because I will not be in a relationship with her and still do not know if the child is actually mine,” Future wrote in his complaint. “She is now starting to make posts not only directed at me but my girlfriend as well.”

“She is using my celebrity status and name to garner attention for herself while causing me extreme emotional distress,” Future continued. “It is clear that the respondent is obsessed with me and I am concerned that her mental health is declining and this matter is going to go from stalking/harassment to her harming me.”

Future asked for an injunction that barred Reign from continuing to allegedly stalk him. But last month, the judge in the case denied the legal remedy, ruling that based on his statement, there wasn’t immediate danger of domestic violence, stalking or cyberstalking.

Reign’s lawyer has contended that this case was Future’s attempt to legally browbeat her into accepting a lowball child support settlement in her separate paternity and child support case against him.

Reign sued Future last year for allegedly siring and abandoning her daughter. She said they were in an intimate relationship for years, but he hasn’t supported the baby or met her. Her lawyer told Future’s lawyer they intended to seek about $53,000 a month in child support for the baby, according to court papers.



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