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Talia Tilly, the woman who is accusing Hitmaka of brutally attacking her is detailing her side of the incident in a new restraining order. The legal document was filed on March 14th, almost a week after the producer came forward and implied she had set him up in a home invasion. Hitmaka, who released his own statement after Tilley shared bloodied and bruised photos of her facial injuries, never denied violently attacking her. He accused the woman of allegedly putting his life endanger to justify the attack.

Here is Tilley’s statement on what allegedly went down that night, exclusively reported from The Blast.

Tilly claims Yung Berg (real name Christian Ward) invited her to his home on the night in question, and even sent an Uber to pick her up from a party. “When I arrived at his home, we spent some time talking and hanging out. We then engaged in sexual intercourse. We fell asleep shortly thereafter,” she begins.

She continued, “At around 5 am while I was asleep, Christian began to aggressively shake me and hit me. He was yelling at me to “get up.” He told me my phone was ringing continuously and asked who was calling me and why my phone was ringing so much. I told him I could just turn the ringer off. Christian was not satisfied with this answer. He kept interrogating me and accusing me of trying to “rob him.” He demanded that I hand over my phone. Christian then got out of bed and began walking around his home checking his doors. He kept accusing me of trying to rob him and repeatedly asked me to hand over my phone. I did not want to give him my phone and we began arguing.”

“Christian then began slapping me and pushed me to the ground. I tried to defend myself against the slapping and pushing, however, I was unable to. At this time, I knew I had to get myself to safety. I got myself off the ground and ran to the nearby bathroom and locked the door. I begged Christian to just let me go home because I did not know what was wrong or why he was so upset. Christian continued screaming at me through the closed bathroom door. I told him I was going to open the bathroom door and leave to go home.”

“As I opened the bathroom door to leave, Christian hit me in the face with the bottom of what appeared to be a pistol. There was blood everywhere and I could feel that my nose was broken. He told me “you aren’t going anywhere.” He then tried to grab my phone out of my hand. I was able to quickly close the bathroom door. I attempted to stop the bleeding from my nose. However, there was blood everywhere. I decided to try and make a run for my safety. When I opened the bathroom door again, Christian slapped me and said “Bi*** you’re trying to rob me!”

“Christian then forcefully hit me with the bottom of his pistol again. He then began slapping me until I handed my phone over to his security guard. They then demanded that I give them the passcode for my phone. I was in a state of shock and in fear for my life. I complied with their orders. Christian’s security guard began going through my phone. He then put my phone in his pocket.”

“Christian grabbed me by the back of my hair and dragged me outside of the bathroom. He continued to slap me and punch me. When I was finally able to stand up, I tried to defend myself again by trying to get away and push back. I begged for the security guard to call the police. The security guard grabbed me and threw me on the floor. Christian was yelling at me and saying “shut up you’re not telling the police shit the police aren’t going to come you have to wait on a doctor and your ride home.”

“A doctor never came. Christian and his security guard took my purse, ID and social security card. After several grueling hours of being held hostage in Christian’s home, the security guard grabbed me and dragged me to the front door. At this time, the security guard handed me my phone and my purse.”

So far, no arrests have been made over the incident.



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