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Keeping Up With The Kardashians needed something to keep people’s attention this season and they absolutely did that with their season premiere. We all have seen the siblings fight all the time but not like this. Kim and Kourtney really had it out.

It all started with Kris being frustrated that no one was going to help Kylie with her show. She needed Kim to show up, even offering up money and a jet to get her there. Kim was defiant, claiming that Kylie and Kendall don’t do the same for her. This got Kendall riled up and they had an argument.

Kourtney chimed in that Kim seems to think she’s the only one who works. Kim was fed up and, well, this happened:

So here’s the play-by-play:

1. It seems lighthearted at first
2. Khloe realizes it’s real and tries to jump in
3. Kim and Kourtney are really going at it
4. Kendall realizes this is real and her face changes
5. Kourtney lands some blows

The internet went ham over it all and decided to pick sides. See who caught the internet fade and who survived.

“Imma say this again, if you have watched the Kardashians from S1 E1, you’ll know that Kourtney has bullied Kimberly for YEARS!!! FOR YEARS!!! I’m so happy Kim has become such a bada**, get that b**** Kimberly!!! #KUWTK”

“Kendall is me watching my problems in life and not doing anything about them because I caused them and now idk how to fix them #KUWTK”

“Kendall is me laughing while watching Kim and Kourtney fight only to realize they aren’t playing LOL #KUWTK”

Kourtney & Kim are fighting but Kendall doing absolutely nothing to stop the fight is sending meFace with tears of joy

But Kim has no respect , how dare she slap her older sister?

Someone said Khloe is harder on Kourtney than her cheating a$$ baby daddy”

“Me: I could care less about the Kardashians
Also me watching Kim and Kourtney fight scene for the 125th time:

“I’m sorry but I’m team kourtney. Kim be so mf jealous of her naturalness that she be trying to flaunt shiz about her working so much aka basically saying she richer than her. Like yesssss bish we know you got more than her – but it ain’t all about mf money. Face with rolling eyes #KUWTK”

“Kourtney kept yelling “Do it or shut the f*** up” and Kim not only did it but shut Kourtney’s mouth real quick too. #KUWTK”

“People said Kourtney rocked Kim, but did y’all NOT see that slap Kim dealt Kourt?! #KUWTK”

“Kim slapped the dog shit out of kourtney not once but twice Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy #KUWTK”

“Kourtney: *kicks Kim in the cooter*

Kim: *slaps the s*** out of Kourtney*

Khloe: Omg stop you guys!


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“I’m not saying Kim should’ve slap Kourt but for yearsss we’ve watched kourt literally picking fights or starting one and Kim has been hella patient even when she wanted a kids party gluten free lol. We can all agree that at one point Kourtney wasn’t happy anymore #KUWTK”

“Kourtney I was rooting for you sisteren especially since you started the fight but Kim got about 3 good slaps in #kuwtk”


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