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Ever since the Coronavirus hit, there have been people determined to downplay its seriousness. Y’all wack a$$ President spent about a month calling the damn thing a hoax and a democratic ploy. However, he’s not the only one. We’ve seen politicians from across the world downplay the virus and we’ve seen the dangerous implications of those actions.

We also know that God don’t like ugly. So we have seen some of these people themselves come down with the disease. Whether they be foolish spring breakers, partiers, politicians or religious people. The following is a recounting of some of those out in the world who have tried to downplay the very dangerous disease and then having to come down with it and explain away their stupidity.

If anything, take this as a warning to stay your a$$ at home.


Source: Xinhua News Agency / Getty

Boris Johnson – Just earlier this month he said he was going out and shaking hands because he didn’t believe the hype over the Coronavirus. He bragged earlier this month about shaking hands with everyone at hospitals.

Landon Spradlin – He once declared that the “media is pumping out fear” about the Coronavirus. A couple of weeks later he became one of the first casualties of the disease in Virginia. His Facebook page is littered with people mocking his death.

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Rand Paul – He was the sole vote against a spending bill to help people impacted by the virus. Then he became the first senator to test positive. Not only that but he possibly infected others by going to the gym while awaiting his test. He also had long meetings with senators.

Coronavirus Partygoers – A group of kids threw a Coronavirus party in Kentucky to defy the orders to stay at home and it turns out that some of them actually contracted the virus. Welp.

GayShawnMendes – This TikTok “influencer” was part of a challenge to lick some damn toilets to prove that it wasn’t a big deal. Well, he ended up in the hospital and had his entire Twitter account deleted for his foolishness.

Spring Breakers – At least four spring breakers in Florida tested positive for Coronavirus. This was after they partied all week after the rest of the country shut down.

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