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If it’s one piece of content people will remember from the Coronavirus and self-quarantine of 2020 it will almost certainly be “The Tiger King” documentary. The point of the documentary is still in the air but there were two huge takeaways; you can get a meth head to do anything and Carole Baskin’s husband’s disappearance was the centerpiece for this docu-series more than the animals themselves.

Joe Exotic married two straight men (at the same time!) who slept with his female employees upfront and all he provided was meth and $100 a day. Also, many have wondered why or even how Carole will agree to be interviewed when she knew the disappearance of her first husband would be a point in the show.  Well, now we have answers in the form of her new husband Howard Baskin.

Howard took to the “Big Cat Rescue” Youtube channel to deliver a message to everyone. In the interview, he says he was deceived by the producers on the intent for the show. They promised Joe Exotic wouldn’t be the main focus, and also he says the Tiger King creators clearly didn’t care about the animals.

“In a way, the series is about con artists,” said Howard. “People like Joe Exotic and Don Antle, who con people out of their money by convincing [visitors] paying to pet tiger cubs somehow helps conservation,” Howard continues. “In my view, the biggest con artists of them all are Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin… as far as I can tell, their only goal was to make something as inflammatory and salacious as possible so that Netflix would pay them millions for it.”

At the end of Howard’s interview, a question looms.

His wife Carole knew exactly how long her first husband had to be missing before she could collect his assets, but didn’t know how the contracts worked for this doc????

Hate to see it, but you can watch Howard’s video message below.



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