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Bill Gates has been going viral lately, but not for anything he’s done recently. Videos of his have been posted all over the internet because of a now-famous Ted Talk he gave years ago during the Ebola outbreak where he predicted the Coronavirus.

During the Ted Talk, Gates urges everyone to prepare for another virus, because with Ebola, before people could be infected, they would look half-dead and the symptoms would be very visible. His fear years back was a virus coming that could infect others before it was detectable with symptoms causing people traveling to spread the virus rapidly.

Fast forward to 2020 and his worst fear has become a reality.

Bill Gates decided to drop by The Daily Show to discuss the current COVID-19 outbreak with Trevor Noah. Both gentlemen connected via video chat in self-quarantine to have an open and honest dialogue. The very first question Trevor asked was about Gate’s prediction which led people to become conspiracy theorists and accuse him of creating the virus or knowing about it way back then.

Gates responded that his entire purpose of that Ted Talk was to educate governments and pressure them to make the investments to be prepared for this exact moment. As you can see, that didn’t happen.

You can watch the entire discussion, including how we beat the coronavirus and how life will function after COVID-19, below.




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