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Netflix’s smash hit Docuseries “Tiger King” is easily the funniest, wildest, bats*** craziest and methiest show you’ll ever watch that’s captivated everyone with its wacky cast of crazies, bozos, dingbats and bizarro bumpkins who deliver the goods throughout the must-see 7-episode series.

For those of you who STILL haven’t experienced the instantly classic obsession, it’s a stranger-than-fiction world of big cat owners headlined by a mulleted, gun-toting polygamist cult leader named Joe Exotic who presides over an Oklahoma roadside zoo.

But wait, there’s more: Joe is tangled in a crackish web of insanity with dopey drug kingpins, big cat-loving conmen and greasy cult leaders while beefing with arch nemesis Carole Baskin–an animal activist and owner of a big cat sanctuary who threatens to put them out of business.

Oh yes, it’s quite the spectacle that continues to fuel hilarious chaos across the whole entire internet.

Peep the absolute funniest (and pettiest) tweets from “Tiger King” on the flip.

“When I tell you I am THROUGH” – Carole Baskin is the doofy loon we didn’t know we needed

“That sent me” – funniest Carole Baskin video that will ever be made. Everyone else go home

“Carole Baskin: “I didn’t feed my husband to the tigers”

Also Carole Baskin: #TigerKing” – it’s at this moment where we all knew she was 100% guilty of killing her husband

“”Mom, can we get Dave Bautista?”

“We have Bautista at home” – haaaaaaaa

“The Tiger King Slide” – this is all Drake’s fault

“Her: you gotta be stupid or on drugs to think we have a chance

Me:” – too real

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-Joe Exotic: So a tiger just ripped off an employees arm off. Y’all want a discount or…?

-People in the gift shop:” – soooo accurate

““Gotta bag & fixed my teeth!” – that Netflix bag hits different

“FUNNIEST shit I seen all week” – you knew it was coming

“best one I’ve seen yet #TigerKing #savage” – all Joe Exotic ever wanted was to be famous and now he is

“can we talk about how carole baskin was sitting next to britney spears at the 2002 VMAs” – life is strange

Just tested positive for thinking Carole Baskin fed her husband to those tigers. #TigerKing – we all have


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