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Let’s be real: There’s no comparison between award-winning, Diamond-selling, culture-shifting singer/performer Usher and tender Pop yodeler The Weeknd who, in a blasphemous moment of pure narcissism, told Variety that Usher’s 2012 hit “Climax” sounded like his song. No, seriously, in real life.

“I heard ‘Climax,’ that [2012] Usher song, and was like, ‘Holy f–, that’s a Weeknd song. It was very flattering, and I knew I was doing something right, but I also got angry,” said the Weeknd after apparently doing the hardest of drugs.

Now, we’re not sure if Abel was in his right mind or even knew that his quote was shady but Usher responded in the absolute BEST (and PETTIEST) way on his Instagram stories while Twitter dragged The Weeknd to flimsy falsetto Hell and back.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over The Weeknd suggesting Usher stole his sound on the flip.

“Don’t tell me The Weeknd had the audacity to say that USHER copied his sound, the usher…” – yea, Abel lost his damn mind

“The Weeknd can sing in falsetto but…….. he said Usher copied HIS style? “You Make Me Wanna” Usher??? Usher Raymond? Got the voice to make ya booty go 👏🏽?!!!

No sir!!!” – nope, not even a lil bit

“The Weeknd out here doing Micheal Jackson and The Dream impressions on every song talking about Usher took his sound on Climax” – the irony is delicious

“Or 9 #1 singles, a diamond album, a legacy, 8 Grammy awards or the vocal ability to pull off “climax” let’s wake that up” – Google would’ve told you this for free

“The Weeknd: Yo I changed the game. Even Usher co-

Everybody:” – you better believe it and we rock with Weeknd

“Did The Weeknd say he inspired Usher to do climax?” – he absolutely did and believes it

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“The Weeknd really had the nerve to try a legend like Usher” – the narcissism is breathtaking. We were taken aback

“The Weeknd later:” – we’re patiently awaiting his response

“usher to the weeknd:” – and literally everybody else familiar with Usher’s career

“Not The Weeknd tryna claim Usher stole his sound, when hes literally been doing a Michael Jackson impression since day 1” – Day 1. Life is crazy

“the weeknd is one of my favorite artists but he should’ve known better than coming for king usher like that” – facts only

“The Weeknd can not out sing Usher in this galaxy or the next” – or the next (or the next)

“Which Weeknd song sounds like Usher’s Climax?” – when yall find out let us know

“For The Weeknd to even listen to Usher’s vocals on Climax and think hey, that’s what I do… is wild to me” – that’s the part that’s killing us softly


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