Dude, Where is My Stylist? Oh, There He is Rockin the Sandals and Blonde-Do

- By Bossip Staff

LisaRaye and Elise Neal hit up celebrity stylist Joe Exclusive’s (pictured with the ladies) birthday party in LA last night.

SMH at dude’s get-up…check on the flippy for more images.

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  • http://wordpress delish

    why is that okay?? he would NEVER style me..

  • !!!!!


  • Get Your Banana Peeling Hands Off Me!!!!

    what is that in the middle

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since 1983

    Lisa is starting to look her age.

    Elise Who? Why is she at all these events? What has she been up to?

  • Miss All That!!

    How did Lisa mess up being the first lady of a dam Island??

  • therealrothschild

    this “thang” is a hater.

  • Sp Easy !!!

    Are those GUCCI sandals? NIGHT!!! lol
    whew-wee dot, dot, dot…

  • http://nautysgirl@yahoo.com bklynlady

    Lisa Raye reminds me of Phylicia Rashad int these photos. Very nice.

  • nywoman23


  • mstes

    thats one ulgy man were is his stylist

  • Black_Orpheus(the original not the remake)

    I would NEVER take my car to a mechanic whose own car looked like a hooptie.

    I would NEVER have a contractor build me a house, if he lived in a shack.

    WHY do women LISTEN to “men” about style, and fashion and tasteful presentation, who LOOK LIKE THIS ?

  • Ara

    Does he have pink toe nails? lol

  • Iyonna

    This dude looks like a cross between a cockatoo and a bear….A bear-atoo….

  • Iyonna


  • Honey

    His hair IS styled like Kate Gosselin!!! HE needs a stylist with the quickness! SMH

  • nikki

    Do you know “””p l u sflirt dot c ccomm

  • DMO


  • barb

    am i high, or are his toenails pink?


    @ Iyonna

    12/6/09, 19:27:pm


    LMAO @ ‘C/OCKATOO.’ O, the creative alterations we have to make in order to have our comments posted.

  • salomesmith

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    women to find interracial love ____ [B l a c k W h i t e M i n g l e dot C O M ]

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  • http://blackboyinkimchiland.blogspot.com/ MikeinKorea

    damn they look old I would still smash

  • http://www.gravatar.com *LoVELY*

    the ladies look nice.

  • Allergic to Ignorance and Stupidity

    LisaRaye has definitely proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that class and beauty are NOT one and the same.
    LisaRaye is as hood rat as Tyquiesha riding the bus.

  • be real

    if you as a woman got to get a aman to dresss you .. step up your game.

    no way a man should have to tell a lady how to dress and what to wear.. you weak!!!!!!!

    look at him!! disgrace to humanity!!!!

  • http://internallybeautiful1.blogspot.com jck

    hey he is a really good stylist. i use to work with him

    its funny tht i knew this post would be him before i clicked it lol

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