Funniest Reactions To Teddy Riley's Disastrous Verzuz Battle With Babyface

Teddy’s Scammm: The Absolute FUNNIEST (And PETTIEST) Reactions To Teddy Riley’s DISASTROUS Verzuz Battle With Babyface

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Last night’s highly anticipated Verzuz battle between legendary creator of New Jack Swing Teddy Riley and panty-melting king pen Babyface was a cringe-worthy disaster plagued with technical difficulties that ultimately doomed the legendary matchup.

Nearly 450K celebs, tastemakers, culture-shifters and excited fans tuned in for the show of all shows (after weeks of Teddy doing the absolute MOST) that was over before it really started due to Teddy’s tragic sound woes that overshadowed a potentially classic moment while fueling an endless wave of HILARIOUS tweets, memes and videos across the whole entire internet.

Peep the absolute FUNNIEST (and PETTIEST) reactions to Teddy’s DISASTROUS Verzuz battle with Babyface.

“Teddy Riley while his music playing and we can’t hear sh*t” – one of the funniest videos in Twitter history

“Teddy Riley and his crew trying to get the sound together

#Verzuz #TeddyRileyVsBabyface” – they were completely useless. All 77 of them

“Tyrese said “throw in the tile!” This why we cyber bully him!” – THIS IS EXACTLY WHY


“Tamar is me and I am her. Somebody please call Teddy and tell him” – the whole entire internet tried (and failed) to get his attention

“Teddy Riley” – Spice Adams is the hilarious gift that keeps on giving

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“Us: Fix the echo.

Teddy:” – Teddy was doing the absolute MOST but WHY???

“All Teddy had to do was be in his home and play the music but noooooooo he wanted to perform at the Cotton Club” – and wasted an audience of nearly 500K people

“I been crying for the last 30 mins 😂😂 this the only n*gga that enjoyed himself” – this is us when outside finally opens back up

“Babyface when Teddy calls for a rematch” – he was lowkey tired of Teddy’s theatrics and shenanigans

““Teddy we can’t hear the music!”

Teddy:” – thousands of comments about terrible sounds and there Teddy was, GROOVIN’

“When Teddy hit us with that Spike Lee…I KNEW he was pissed” – he was ready to cuss out all 72 people in that room

“Us: fix the audio
Teddy Riley:” – Teddy was in his own zone

“When you trip and look back at the curb.” – ACCURATE

“You can hear Babyface’s bass in his songs and everything. Teddy Riley’s sounds like he playing a voicemail.” – it was soooo baaaaaadddddddd

“Same thing” – Teddy was HOT

“Teddy’s using the same speaker they repeat your order with at McDonalds” – the same exact one

“All of instagram: yo Teddy, we cant hear you fam

Teddy Riley & the Tedettes:” – just a jammin’ while his sound went straight to Hell

“An hour into Babyface and Teddy Riley’s battle” – at that point, we were OVER IT

“Black people across the world watching Teddy Riley vs Babyface right now.” – we all were completely befuddled. Like, genuinely befuddled

“Look at this… somebody come & look at this..” – we hate it had to happen to unc-unc.



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