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Everyone’s STILL cackling at the disastrous Verzuz battle between R&Bigen legend Teddy Riley and iconic King Pen Babyface that gave us classic Toni Braxton tweets, Teddy’s first viral meme and Tyrese’s now infamous “throw in the tile” comment on IG Live that made an already unforgettable night even funnier.

Whyyy Tyrese does this to himself, we may never know, but this ranks very, very high on a long list of social media snafus, spelling blunders and “autocorrect” gaffes that sparked hilarious chaos across the whole entire internet.

Peep the absolutely pettiest reactions to Tyrese’s “throw in the tile” comment on the flip.

“Tyrese said “throw in the tile!” This why we cyber bully him!” – and had the nerve to blame autocorrect…like…SIR!

“What Tyrese say he want me to throw in?” – it’s been 2 days and we still can’t stop laughing at this

“THROW THE DAMN TILE – Tyrese” – it’s even funnier when you realize that Tyrese was dead serious

“People just won’t let me be great – throw in the towel on top of the tile but whatever man I digress” – we didn’t make you type that Tyrese!

“Tyrese said” – he should’ve just sat there and ate his food

“Tyrese Told Teddy Riley To Throw In The Tile, Which Is What I’m Willing To Do To Get You Back” – there’s a Future tweet for every situation

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“Tyrese has blessed us over the years.” – the blessing that continues to bless us

“Tyrese: THROW IN THE TILE” – Black Twitter is undefeated

“Lmao tyrese was struggling” – we had no idea that these two words created such difficulty

“Tyrese responded to me” – he claims he knows how to spell towel but we find this hard to believe

“Tyrese really said autocorrect changed Towel to Tile” – autocorrect doesn’t deserve this


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