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During the RHOA finale viewers saw yet again contention between Todd Tucker and Mama Joyce. Although these two seemed to be at least cordial despite a MESSY history of Mama Joyce alleging that Todd’s an “opportunist” and after she alleged that he was having an affair with Kandi’s friend Carmon, a hatchet was seemingly buried.

Well, apparently not so much.

During Sunday’s episode, Kandi announced that her mother wouldn’t be attending the “A Star Is Born” baby shower for their daughter. Why? Well because Todd snubbed Mama Joyce earlier that day by completely ignoring her and Kandi at a local restaurant. Mama Joyce and Kandi were apparently dining at the restaurant while Todd sat at the bar and didn’t so much as give them a hello. “It costs you nothing to say hello,” Kandi told a disgruntled Todd who said he “just didn’t feel like it.”

Now Todd is explaining why he wasn’t in the mood to play nice via his Todd Tucker TV YouTube page.

According to Todd, he was “going through some stuff” that day but he’s since apologized for being “selfish.”

“If you watched the episode Mama Joyce didn’t make it [to the baby shower],” said Todd. “Earlier that day I was going through some stuff I was like stressed, and I was at the restaurant. I knew Kandi and her mama was gonna be there but I just really didn’t feel like …You know have you ever had those days we just don’t feel like it?!

“It was just one of those days and I didn’t go speak and didn’t want to speak and really didn’t care about the outcome of me not speaking in that moment. I was being selfish but sometimes we need those selfish moments and it’s just fortunate that it affects other people. I’m really mad that she didn’t make it and I can’t take it back but you know I apologized and the baby shower was amazing.”


Was Todd in the wrong for ignoring his mother-in-law??? A simple hello would’ve sufficed, right?

Kandi’s since spoken on her husband’s “selfish” actions; hit the flip for her thoughts.

Kandi also chimed in on the baby shower drama via the RHOA aftershow. According to Kandi, she and her mom didn’t even know Todd was at the restaurant until his friend came by to chat while Todd continued to ignore them. She added that Todd paid for their meal but when she and Joyce walked out of the restaurant BEHIND HIM, he still wouldn’t speak.

“She and I went to breakfast down the street from our house and Todd and another friend of ours came in the restaurant but he never came back and spoke to us,” said Kandi. “We didn’t even know he was in there. I would’ve thought that he would have at least come by our table to say hey and then go on about his business but he didn’t speak at all. The other friend who was with him came back and spoke so that’s how my mom knew he was there.

“Todd did pay for our food, but he walked out and felt like, ‘Well, at least I paid for y’all food.’ So he walks out and we’re walking out kind of like, right behind him but he never did turn around to say hello to her or acknowledge her at all. So she was pissed, to say the least.”

According to Kandi, Todd was pretty pissed at Mama Joyce over something “unfavorable” she said to Kandi. On RHOA Mama Joyce was seen telling a story to Kandi about having money stolen from her as a child who “didn’t have a lunch box.” The story actually centered around Kandi opening a trust—that Mama Joyce wanted Todd to have limited access to.

“She had said something about him recently,” said Kandi about Todd’s behavior. “She said something to me and let’s say, it wasn’t favorable. So when he knew we were going to breakfast together and he knew he planned on coming to the same spot, he was just planning to avoid talking to my mother. It’s one thing to avoid us if you don’t see us and she doesn’t know you’re there. But if you know that she’s around and you don’t even acknowledge her, that is just disrespectful.”

Kenya’s buddy Kenya Moore also agreed that Todd was out of line and many others have agreed. Our sister site MadameNoire thinks there’s only so much “toxic behavior” Todd can take;

“Mama Joyce has been the walking poster child of disrespect as far as Todd is concerned. He’s a human being with feelings and a breaking point just like the rest of us. It’s a miracle that he’s not giving Joyce the silent treatment on a regular basis considering how she has treated him since day one.”

Now however all is reportedly well in the Burruss/Tucker household, Kandi says their newborn baby Blaze has “healed” their family.

What do YOU think about Todd’s explanation for the Mama Joyce shade??? Fair or foul???

Ace Tucker's 4th Birthday (son of Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker)

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