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We’ve been quarantined for weeeeeks and Instagram Live continues to be the only thing (well, one of a FEW things) keeping us sane during these stressfully toilet paperless times where we gather around our cellular devices to watch entertaining celebrity shenanigans from the comfort of our living rooms.

Ah yes, all sorts of shenanigans that include twerk contests, beat battles, sing-offs, cooking classes, book readings, DJ mix shows, spicy back-and-forths, makeup tutorials, gender wars, listening parties, group gaming, therapy sessions, random convos about literally everything and interviews that fuel endless HILARITY in the chill-free comment section.

Peep the funniest, wildest and craziest comments from celebrity IG Lives on the flip.

“Tyrese said “throw in the tile!” This why we cyber bully him!” – ‘throw in the tile’ is an instant classic

“WHO?!” – LUTHER VANDALS! Raekwon said what he said

“Nelly really wanted some Jon B lmaooo” – Nelly stanning for Jon B is the most hilariously random thing to happen during the quarantine

“I AM CRYING AT TEDDY DAUGHTER COMMENT” – someone had to say it!

“LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” – that endless slander had Ty-Ty SHOOK

“Tamar is me and I am her. Somebody please call Teddy and tell him” – the Braxtons weren’t here for Teddy’s shenanigans

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“Tyrese!” – this is what happens when the whole entire internet slanders you for 24 consecutive hours

“Wait @SnoopDogg said Help” – Uncle Snoop was all of us in that moment

“Skai is 8 years old why she lying” – she wasn’t even close to being born when these songs dropped

“Ghostface was not interested in the preamble from RZA before Triumph. 😂 #DjPremierVSRza #RZAvsDJPremier” – Ghost was FED UP

“Adele wins for best comment of the entire live Skull and crossbones #BabyfacevsTeddyRiley” – she pretty much summed up 2020

“Look at Anthony *Anderson’s comment when Teddy disappeared #VERZUZ #BabyfacevsTeddyRiley” – comments were nothing but JOKES

“Tamar Braxton’s comment when Babyface said it wouldn’t be fair to play music while Teddy was gone” – where is the lie?

“Ray J needs to relax and let the legends work…” – will his one wish be granted?


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