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Last night’s triggering “Insecure” episode moved us closer to Issa and Molly’s inevitable BFF breakup fueled by passive aggressiveness, childish communication and irreconcilable differences that continue to drain fans while fueling spicy debates about close friendship do’s/don’ts in real life.

We also sat through another cringe-worthy conversation between chronic relationship ruiner Molly and Asian Bae Andrew, Tiffany’s baby steps into motherhood, Lawrence attempting (and failing) to tell Issa something (that seems important) and Issa’s block party woes (without Condola who was MIA) that sparked all sorts of hilarious chitter-chatter across Twitter.

Peep the funniest (and pettiest) tweets from last night’s “Insecure” episode on the flip.


Issa: “I need some bars to get me hype!”

Mirror Issa:” – Mirror Issa WAS FED UP

“Now wait a sec, was Issa trying to hit Beyoncé up for a Block party?? Gurrrrlll was like..” – all she needed was a squeakable clown nose

“daniel probably knows some artists #InsecureHBO” – he should’ve been the first person she reached out to

“Beyonce to Issa block party #InsecureHBO” – Issa had a better chance DMing Blue and asking her to ask Beyoncé but noooo


Issa & Condola lmao

#Insecure #InsecureHBO” – something very spicy and entertaining is about to happen between them

“Here come Nathan the Friendly Ghost! #InsecureHBO” – Nathan really is the friendliest ghost to have ever ghosted

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“when the tl cools down, can we please unpack the expectations of women with demanding careers in relationships before marriage? molly told her boyfriend of 3 days “you are my priority.” i would like to call a chapter meeting. #InsecureHBO” – send us the time and place, sis

“Molly know that was Issa parking spot… had sis park at the church by the titty bar #insecurehbo” – Molly was dead wrong

“Insecure be over this fast #InsecureHBO” – blink and you missed the whole episode


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