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We couldn’t help but notice the absence of wild card Condola from last night’s triggering episode where we saw Issa reach out to her multiple times to no avail in a curious development that raised eyebrows across social media.

This comes just a week after her argument with Lawrence where she was blindsided by his silence when she asked if he’d still be with Issa if she didn’t cheat.

Knowing this, it’s veryyy interesting that Issa’s headliner ScHoolboy Q suddenly dropped out of the block party that set the stage for an explosive Issa vs. Condola showdown while fueling spicy speculation across Twitter.

Peep the loud Twitter whispers over Condola’s suspected sabotage of Issa’s block party on the flip.

“Yo, Condola not returning calls or texts and then Schoolboy Q suddenly drops out. I really hope Condola ain’t moving messy like that and sabotaged Issa’s event. #InsecureHBO” – we don’t think she would but what if she actually did?? Whew

“No Schoolboy Q AND no Condola? Interesting… #InsecureHBO” – veryyy interesting

“Condola was ducking and dodging this whole episode..I can’t wait to find out why #InsecureHBO” – next week’s episode can’t come soon enough

“Let me find out Condominium did something to sabotage Issa’s block party #InsecureHBO” – if she did, Twitter will explode


Issa & Condola lmao

#Insecure #InsecureHBO” – we’re slowly reaching this conclusion

“If Condola sabotaged Issa’s headliner for the block party, that would be a prime example of why you don’t become buddy-buddy with a new person your ex of however+ years is dating #InsecureHBO” – MESSAGE

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“Chile, is Condola responsible for SchoolboyQ dropping out? #InsecureHBO” – we lowkey hope so the world can burn

“Condola is the reason the artist pulled out last minute #InsecureHBO Which is all the reason why Issa should beat her ass!” – we don’t condone fighting but…

“Ok so what if Lawrence told Condola that he and Issa spoke secretly? Because I still think him hiding that converstion was weird and should have ramifications” – hmmm solid take



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