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Married To Medicine Los Angeles cast member Dr. Kendra Segura faces off against Married To Medicine Atlanta cast member Dr. Heavenly

Source: Courtesy Bravo / NBC Universal

Bravo’s “Married To Medicine Los Angeles” had its second season premiere this Sunday and sparks definitely flew between show newcomer Dr. Kendra Segura and Heavenly, who was in town along with Quad, Contessa and Toya. You can watch the scene below, where Heavenly first makes some pretty shady comments about Kendra’s post baby body. Then as the ladies are discussing vaginal rejuvenation and penis enlargement, Heavenly shades Kendra again by suggesting that, since her husband is Chinese, she may want to … Yeah. The audacity right?


Well Kendra quickly puts Heavenly in her place, by assuring her that she’s good and “all stereotypes are not true…” but Heavenly continues along her treacherous path, suggesting Kendra is insecure about her husband, while Kendra responds that Heavenly is being ignorant. Keep in mind, this is all within five minutes of Bravo viewers meeting Kendra for the very first time. Yikes! right?

Dr. Kendra Segura, Married to Medicine Los Angeles cast

Source: Courtesy Bravo / NBC Universal

We caught up with Dr. Kendra about her exchange with Heavenly, bringing her interracial marriage to reality TV and her friendships with the cast. Check out our Q&A below:

BOSSIP: It gets spicy for you immediately.

Dr. Kendra: It didn’t take NO time. For me it seems so long ago. That was my first outing, from nesting with Hart, that was the first time I got out. I just look back on how tired I was, how overwhelmed I was, my first time stepping out for some adult time.

BOSSIP: Dr. Heavenly came for you —

Dr. Kendra: She came for me and I was present. I was there.

BOSSIP: You had your man’s back.

Dr. Kendra: It was just odd for me. Again, it was my first time being around adults. It was my first time out to have some drinks. I was just ready to have a good time. So within a couple of minutes, people were taking shots — not the shots I would want to take. Just girls being girls, trying to get to know who you are, where you’re from, what’s your name, who’s your husband — you know the whole rundown. I’m used to that, I belong to a sorority. I’m a girl’s girl, so I get it. But she didn’t know me that well to go where she went and she came for me and I was there.

BOSSIP: She made comments about your physical appearance, she took to stereotypes when she spoke about your husband

Dr. Kendra: She didn’t waste any time. I didn’t expect that. Just going to this group, the women just wanting to have a good time, they were in town. When you’re expected to go to a certain environment hanging out you don’t expect that. I’m not shocked about her reference to my weight even though she knows I’m post partum. I JUST had my baby, people make insensitive comments all the time, I’m just shocked it was at this event where, you know, girls just want to have a good time, just get together at Jazmin’s place showing off Hollywood Hills. So it was the environment, not the comment that took me aback. We’re in the Hollywood Hills, but it went to the streets real quick.

BOSSIP: After this happened, did it give you any pause about continuing the show? Were you worried it would be like that every time?

Dr. Kendra: At this point, it’s a bit ratchet. Stereotypes are there, we all know them. Big girls get talked about all the time. Men, different races, and their penises get talked about, but at this point we don’t know each other like that, it gets kind of like ‘Whoa’ so of course I was looking at Britten like, ‘Who are your friends?’ Because we have a lot in common, but I don’t roll like that. So my eyebrow was raised, but again I know women. Again, Heavenly apologized there. I get girls. I get the whole petty bullsh*t. So eyebrow was raised, yeah mental note in the back, but I was still game to hang out because I literally was dying to get out and have some adult interaction. So eyebrow raised, a bit apprehensive and cautious at that point.

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