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Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta started off where we left things last week. Kiyomi and Cheyenne are still fighting over Shooter who is still apparently hot stuff. No, we don’t quite understand it all either but if they like it we love it.

Meanwhile BK and Sierra continued their drama with everyone wondering if BK was going to fess up with messing around with another woman. Sierra ends up at Paris’ birthday party later and is back talking to Shooter, her ex. The two together have everyone speculating about if she were trying to get back with him.

Then BK showed up to the party to stir all kinds of drama. He brought Sierra condoms (?!) and text messages she was sending to other men including Shooter. His drama broke up the whole party SMH.

There’s more! Drama, voodoo dolls and chaos. Hit the flip to see the dragging and reactions that ensued.

“TRYING to fight over a man who just said “Your position been filled” like he’s a manager at Family Dollar is INEXCUSABLE and ridiculous”

“Bk: I’m a handsome guy

Every female:”

“Ok so 2 things I took from this scene. 1. Sierra definitely is cheating on the low. Lmao but who tf can blame her? & 2. She definitely texted shooter lmaooooooo”

“Shooter should’ve beat BK a$$. Idc who u are, you’re not about to start drama at my daughter 15th bday party”

“Momma Dee said “sorry for giving you a eulogy if I would’ve known you walked on all fours I would’ve took you to the pet cemetery””

“Sierra: “I’m leaving his ass for real this time.”
Sis you was just on Instagram almost a week ago on a picture with BK talking about “iT’s qUaRanTiNe TiMe.””

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“Scrapp speaking facts. Ladies, don’t EVER fight over a man. He knows who he wants”

“is it me or it’s something wrong here?”



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