This Bendy Model Has Shattered The Internet

Meet The Bendy Bae Whose Mind-Boggling Flex-y Video Is Destroying The Internet

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As we power through this quarantine and time spent alone at home, we have been doing a lot of perusing the internet for the baddest baes. We have done our best to give you some of the most beautiful, driven, talented women across the worldwide web. All in service of providing you with our Bae Of The Day series.

Sometimes these women are huge celebrities are newsmakers in the reality world, but we also want to highlight women you may be unfamiliar with and want to definitely know down the line. Today’s bae is Stevana Vaughn. She went viral this week for doing this:

The video of her bending like this has blown the internet’s mind. How does she do this? And for what purpose does it serve? Hit the flip to find out and see more bendiness.

Her website features this quote about her start: ”It started out as a physical practice, but it turned into so much more. When I speak on how much it has changed my life, it’s impossible for me not to get emotional. At a dark time, I turned to my practice and I dove in head first. This is no longer about my physical gain. Movement is therapy.”

Can you imagine being self-taught in all of this? We’d really break every bone in our bodies. Good Lord.

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She also has this quote from Erykah Badu that is a good mantra to have: “Be you. Make sure your saying something when you’re saying something. It’s important to sound like you, to feel like you, to be like you. Be you”

If you want to get into this curviness then you can absolutely join her classes virtually and everything. Definitely something that looks to have some benefits.

She has some really dope life lessons embedded in the videos, too:

“Pull ya 🐱 off the wall I’ll give ya 1000 dollars
Day 3️⃣ unleash your goddess pleasures: I have been finding pleasure in tuning everything out! 🧘🏾‍♀️ I’ve been on social media less. Responding to y’all texts a whole lot less 😭 But spending more time everyday with myself.”

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She also has this bit of wisdom, too: “Our souls are hungry. We feed them through self expression. As artists we are always finding ways to express ourselves. From the way we wear our hair; to the way we dress; The way we move! Everything we do is a form of self expression”

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