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Erica mena, Safaree, Khia

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Rapper Khia eviscerated married reality show actors Safaree and Erica Mena for thirstily flaunting their Only Fans links all over Instagram and the couple has swiftly clapped back with bank receipts!

Khia ranted on her talk show ‘Gag Order’ on YouTube about the couple ‘begging’ for money online. She criticized them for asking people to subscribe to Only Fans, a subscription site known popularly for its pornographic content. In her commentary, she pointed out that Erica recently had a baby, finding her and her hubby apparently ‘exploiting’ themselves deplorable.

“Didn’t these motherf***ers just get married not even a year ago and have a newborn baby girl and theses mother***ers making fans only and Porn Hub account. We the people want to know why you two motherf***ers got married and out her dry begging?”

Yikes. Khia continues,

“You mean to tell me, these h*** and they husbands is so broke, hungry and thirsty that they setting up fans only and porn hub accounts, for food and water together as a couple? “

“We the people want to know why you two m******** got married and y’all out here dry baking? Ya’ll putting on for the ‘gram like y’all got all this d*mn money Chile and can’t pay ya’ll bill, we ain’t been on lock  for 45 days and you m****** already broke, selling ya’ll dick and a** on the m *****fans only.

Peep Khia going off on Safaree and his wife in the clip below.

Safaree and Erica Mena heard Khia’s little dig loud and clear. They both took to Instagram, responding with screenshots of the cash they’ve acquired since setting up their Only Fans accounts and they’ve made six figures already. Welp! Hit the flip to see what else they had to say.

Erica Mena and Safaree posted their earnings from their Only Fans to show “fake India Irie” aka Khia they made A LOT of diaper money for their kid. Safaree claims to have racked up around $94,000 in just under two weeks, with Erica Mena (who called Khia a ‘major crack head’) bringing home around $42,000 in a week’s time.


Do you think Erica and Safaree should’ve answered Khia at all??

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