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akbar fight

Source: VH1 / VH1

This has to be one of the wildest episodes of any reality TV ever made, partly because the show ended with a damn announcement that the season was cut short because of a pandemic. That doesn’t happen often.

Things were just getting spicy especially all thanks to Akbar and her shenanigans. It all started this week when Karlie tried to get Akbar and Shenikah to make peace after all their beefing. That didn’t work out as security had to separate the two.

Then things escalate when Spice is upset that Akbar didn’t keep her promise to keep the peace. THEN Tokyo and Keisha rolled up to figure out the news.

Keisha confronted Akbar about her problems and Akbar charged for a fight. However she was INTERCEPTED by Tokyo who laid that a$$ out. Spice, again upset that Akbar is fighting, ATTACKS Akbar herself!

We’re left with Keisha and Tokyo letting it known that the next time they meet someone is getting beat.

Hit the flip and see how Akbar got clowned and Tokyo got celebrated for her heroics.

“IDC!! I LOVE TOKYO! She rides for her friends!”

“Bruhhhhhhh akhbar tried to sneak light skinned keshia and Tokyo tagged her a**… LMMFAOOOOOO. Tokyo lit into her a** bruh”

“And on that day Akbar realize she wasn’t running s*** in Atlanta”

“Did Akbar just call Spice a struggling artist?!”

“All in Favor of Akbar not returning next season raise your hand”


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“Light Skin Keisha twerkin on top of her car waiting to get Akbars a** as soon and she come out “

“Light skin kiesha calling akbar “akburger” took me tf out”

“Tokyo peeped that sneak shit and intercepted real quick. I know Akbar head was sore.”

“B**** y’all see how fast Tokyo sprung into action!!! Those the type of MF you need around you and that’s on PERIOD!”

“Oh okay so this whole event was some next level s***

Akbar vs. Shakana
Akbar vs. Lightskin keisha & tokyo
Akbar vs. Spice

Then car chase

Akbar vs. Lightskin keisha

Mona in her office like… “


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