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Donald J. Trump, President to 53% of white women, is a trash bag filled with rotting, half-eaten Big Macs and dumpster juice.

That said, it’s still infuriating to watch the way this burnt sienna scammer addresses journalists of color as opposed to the way he treats their white colleagues. Sure, he has insults for everyone, but the ones he uses on minority media members are very specific. Typically having racist undertones.

Remember when he told April Ryan to schedule a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus for him? Because of course, all the Black people know each other…

Well, yesterday, Fuhrer Trump was back at it again when Chinese-American CBS White House Correspondent Weijia Jiang asked him essential why he was standing in front of a big a$$ sign that read “America Leads The World In Testing” as if coronavirus testing was an Olympic competition.

Trump’s response? *Sigh* press play down below to see what he said.


Y’all, please go vote on November 3rd. It’s really really important. REALLY important.


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