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Everyone’s STILL buzzing over the latest shenanigan-filled episode of “Insecure” where toxic BFFs Molly & Issa finally fought–like, ARGUED argued–in a genuinely baffling moment that made everybody hate Molly even more.

It was yet another case of Molly Mollying at the worst possible time (ISSA’s BIG EVENT?? REALLY???) after discovering that Issa went through Andrew to book a replacement headliner WHO SHE REFUSED TO HELP BOOK.

And yes, we did like Molly many, many episodes ago but she definitely showed her true colors during the spicy argument where she talked down on Issa, claimed to regret not dropping her earlier and killed any of chance of reconciliation (for now) during the most entertaining episode of the season (so far).

Hit the flip for MORE hilariously petty reactions to Molly Mollying at Issa’s block party.

“Molly really came to Issa’s event with her Dora the Explorer wig just to be pressed and bothered. #Insecure #InsecureHBO” – DORA THE EXPLORER WIG

“Molly after ruining Issa’s event Face with tears of joy#InsecureHBO” – we didn’t think we’d ever hate Molly but here we are

“Shoutout to all of y’all who stuck up for Molly last week. Bozos. #InsecureHBO” – Molly embarrassed all of her supporters in front of company

“Molly, the whole night, looking for a problem. #InsecureHBO” – searching near and far, high and low

“#InsecureHBO 🙄


Molly aggravating ass ever since her and Andrew got on the same page:” – she’ll probably ruin that soon

“Molly: Of course I showed up… I’m your best friend

Molly 2 Mins Later: I should’ve dropped your lying ass a long time ago. You’re still the same selfish bitch you’ve always been………..


#InsecureHBO” – we were completely flabbergasted

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“Andrew: It wasn’t a problem, all I did was send an email

Molly: SHE USED YOU AND STABBED ME IN THE BACK #InsecureHBO” – Molly is slowly turning into the biggest hater in premium cable history

“HOW TF DID MOLLY MEET ANDREW???? Somebody remind her ! #InsecureHBO” – SAY IT AGAIN

“Goodnight to everyone but molly #InsecureHBO” – Molly deserves all of this, every bit of it


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