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Mas Muerte, Por Favor! Fans Want More Annalise After The Twisty-Turny, TERRORIZING #HTGAWMFinale

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Pete Nowalk spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the ending and the irony of baby Wes (Christopher) following in Annalise’s footsteps.

Entertainment Weekly: You have perfectly bookended the opening and closing of this series. Did a part of you always have that in mind or how did it come to be?

Pete Nowalk: “It came to be when I had the idea to bring back Alfie over the last hiatus. I had a lot of people be like, “How fun would it be if Annalise was dead in the last season?” I didn’t like the idea of her getting a tragic end that way — an early death…I also wanted to give Annalise somewhat of a happy ending. I could never have murdered her, but I wanted to play with everyone thinking that we murdered her because obviously there’s a lot of people with motives…Literally I just woke up one day and was like, “Oh, I can make it feel like Annalise died early and use Alfie again in this way that was odd but surprising.” That was my big a-ha moment. Right after I came up with that, I was like, “He has to teach the class.” From the beginning of the season, I knew that was how we were gonna end. Honestly, that’s why I’ve always been saying, “I think it’s time we end the show; I know how it’s gonna end; I feel good about it.” I never deviated from it. It was really that image that made me feel at peace the whole time.”

What’d YOU think about the HTGAWM series finale??? Were YOU satisfied???



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