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Kevin Hart has been at the center of more than his fair share of scandals throughout his career. Through personal drama like infidelity, homophobic tweets, and a car crash that raised a lot of questions, the comedian has remained at the top of his game selling out arenas, starring in box office smashes, and persisting as a household name.

While the actual power of “cancel culture” is questionable, Hart’s ability to continue on in his career no matter what drama plagues him is something to admire. He doesn’t claim to be perfect–instead, he’s honest with himself in how he can move forward and learn from not being perfect at all. This persistence paired with his incredibly long resume of f*** ups makes Kevin Hart the prime candidate for talking others through their blunders.

After dropping his first book, I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons, and becoming a New York Times bestselling author, the Philadelphia native is back with an audiobook–though it’s not actually a book at all–The Decision: Overcoming Today’s BS for Tomorrow’s Success.

In this new audible original, which comes out today, Hart shares over five hours worth of self-help advice, informing fans about the importance of working on mental fitness just as much as you hit the gym. Although the book was recorded back in 2019, the release of the content now seems almost too serendipitous, with so many people searching for motivation in wake of a pandemic.

We talked to the self-help guru leading up to the release of The Decision, where he continually emphasized the importance of being honest with yourself if you ever want to improve. Kevin, who could barely fit in the frame of our Zoom call because he’s so damn tall (he asked me to make him sound tall in this piece) talked to a group of reporters about his latest endeavor, giving us the same advice he preaches throughout the Audible original.

“The more that you’re open and the more that you can be comfortable with being flawed, the more that you grow and get better,” Kevin preaches. “I’m a flawed individual that’s messed up several times, but those instances are what has helped make me into the man I am today.”

He also emphasizes the importance of passing down information within the Black community and helping each other rather than withholding it for ourselves, likening it to  “our immediate response to pull away” when someone asks where we bought our new pair of Jordans. He’s learned so much from his fumbles that he wants to put that energy into making sure others don’t make the same mistakes.

In a nutshell, Kevin simply wants others to know that taking responsibility is the first step to getting better, even though it’s so much easier to blame literally anyone else.

“It’s so much easier to point the finger at someone else to blame or to make excuses, but a lot of the time, that finger should be pointed at you. The more we take responsibility for that, the better we know how to control our own actions and our emotions in the future because you’re holding yourself accountable.”

Gems like these are exactly what Kevin unleashes throughout The Decision, available now.


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