Internet Explodes With Rumors Of Ari Fletcher And Alexis Sky Fighting

Issa Girl Fight: Rumors Of Ari Fletcher And Alexis Sky Allegedly Get Into Nasty Fight Involving Weapons DESTROYED The Internet

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You probably woke up this morning confused as to why “Alexis Sky” and “Ari Fletcher” were trending overnight. We were too until we did a teeny bit of digging. Rumors went rampant all over the internet of the two of them getting into a fight in Atlanta with guns and knives being involved.

We did a scan of the police blotters and didn’t see any arrests pop up yet but we are definitely going to keep you up to date as we try to figure out exactly what happened and if there was anything to the rumors.

The whole snafu started back in February when Alexis claimed that she paved the way for Ari, who was quick to rebuff the claims. Then a few weeks later they ended up at the same club and sent sign language threats at one another:

Then they argued some more online:

Now they are allegedly involved in something worse.

Again, we are trying to get more info and will have that for you soon so stay tuned.

“Ari & Alexis fought but Tae ain’t record like he record everything else?”

“Ari & Alexis fought , somebody was stabbed and a gun was drawn .. where’s the video?????? Where’s the mugshots??? Did anyone have a wig on!!! I have soooo many questions!!!!”

“Where that Ari & Alexis Sky video at”

“I don’t want to go to sleep because I’m waiting on the Ari & Alexis Sky fight video to surface”

“by the time I wake up 2m that video of ari & alexis better be up!”

“Ari & Alexis Sky fighting???! I am shocked..I am appalled..I am looking for the video”

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“All I know is by the time I wake up tomorrow the footage of Ari and Alexis sky better have dropped”

“That is so ghetto if Ari and Alexis sky really fought like u woulda think by now they’d settle the fued as grown women and jus talk it out maturely….

so who got the video?”

“I need to see this Ari and Alexis Sky video cause tuhh .. all i know is Ari better have whopped that ass”

“I see a lot of people saying Ari and Alexis Sky fought but I ain’t seeing no proof of it, where the video at y’all?”


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