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Yesterday, in the midst of the collective outrage over the George Floyd murder in Minneapolis, a white man in the same city thought it wise to harass a group of Black men who were exercising in the residents’ gym of the MoZaic East office building.

That white man’s name is Tom Austin. We know that because dumba$$ Tom Austin proudly said his name into the cell phone camera that one of the harassed Black men was holding. If you haven’t seen the video you can check it out below.

White people really think that their skin is a badge that makes them sworn officers of society. This hominy-hued neanderthal has an office space in the building for his venture capital company F2 Group. His partner in that company, Stan Herman, resigned his position as soon as the viral video came to his attention.

We called to verify this tweet and it is 100% true. There is a voicemail on that phone line with that exact message.

We are also happy to report that Tom Austin no longer has a partner nor office space in that building becuase WeWork terminated his lease. Peep the quote in DailyMail by the owner of the building:

‘My heart hurts,’ said Stuart Ackerberg, CEO of Ackerberg Group, to the Tribune. ‘This is not how we do business. … I’m alarmed by what I saw. It appears they had every right to be there and to use that amenity.’

Ackerberg said he spoke to Austin the day after the incident, saying that he told him he did not think the situation was handled well, and that there were other ways he could have approaching it.

‘It’s unfortunate. Our goal is to create a safe and inviting experience for everybody,’ he added.

We hope the whole city of Minneapolis knows the name Tom Austin and refuses to rent him space anywhere. It’s time to make racists as uncomfortable and inconvenienced as humanly possible.



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