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Photocall For Netflix's "Let It Snow"

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Shameik Moore just can’t leave well enough alone.He already made a fool of himself with his Twitter rants about Black people needing to take responsibility for police brutality.

“We have to work on our community before blaming everything on “racist” and police. 1… there is STILL black on black violence that needs to be addressed… and 2.. if we KNOW that the wrong white person could change our whole life with a false accusation …”

He also had this to say: “WHY DO WE GIVE THEM THE ENERGY THEY WANT? Give them an inch they WILL take a mile….. We literally know this already. At what point do we look at ourselves and make adjustments?”

He got resoundingly dragged for his thoughts and decided to double down by hitting up Instagram Live to speak his thoughts. Those thoughts included…sigh…

Yes he asked about Rosa Parks not using a cab instead of demanding she sit in front of the bus. This is one of the wildest takes ever and he got absolutely dragged for it. Rightfully so, too.

Hit the flip to see how bad it got for him.

““I’m not paying the surge.” – Rosa Parks before she decided to take the bus”

“Rosa Parks should’ve taken a cab. That’s…where we are today. Rosa should’ve known there was a Black owned taxi cab company. I…”

“Lyft Every Voice”


“Rosa Parks getting an Uber to pick her up after she got arrested in 1955”

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“Iyanla needs to tell shameik to come over so he can tell rosa parks in the photo she shouldve took an uber”


Absolutely Nobody:

Shameik Moore: Rosa Parks should have taken a cab in 1955 instead of fighting for equal rights on a bus.

Black people:”

“Shameik Moore Pr Team pulling up to his house after seeing his Rosa parks take on insta live”


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