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Most celebs have proven to be wholly disappointing and almost worthless during the unrest following the murder of George Floyd, and Tory Lanez is not one of them. The Canadian rapper is openly condemning fellow celebrities for bashing protestors from the comfort of their million-dollar homes.

According to Tory, that’s not right.

He’s absolutely correct, it’s not right.

Tory also called out one celeb in particular, Shekinah Jo of “Love & Hip Hop ATL” fame. Shekinah went viral over the weekend after she was seen on her Instagram Live SHEDDING TEARS about looters destroying the Gucci store in Atlanta’s Phipps Plaza shopping center. A befuddled Tory openly criticized her on Twitter…

before putting her on his IG live for what he hoped would be a civilized conversation.

During the Live, Shekinah angrily tried to defend herself and talked over Tory so much to the point that he dropped her from the conversation.

Shekinah: “That’s not what I ever said about a Gucci store. That’s not fair because I was not crying over Gucci, I don’t appreciate how black people are doing me,” she added noting that she was condemning people acting like animals.

Tory: “Have you gone outside and marched with the people yet? [Shekinah said “no”] Have you been around when the looting is going on? Have you been around in any moments when it’s been going on?”

Shekinah: “No I haven’t been. I woke up one morning and I seen the news and I seen everything going crazy, I seen stuff on fire.  It hurted my feelings like damn, this is what it’s come to. I don’t appreciate that white man killing us, I don’t think that’s cool I’m not with that but I don’t think we’re gonna get anywhere by stealing these people’s s***. F*** Gucci, I don’t even wear that s*** anyway.”

Tory: “We have money, me and you have money and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter.”

Shekinah also tried to double down and say the video of her weeping over an Italian luxury brand that wouldn’t be bothered to even think of her, was edited. That’s a lie.

This stream was not edited (who is even doing that right now???) here’s what was said;

“It’s 2,000 people on here. Y’all gotta stop, y’all gotta find out what love really is,” said Shekinah. “Y’all angry, y’all mad, y’all selfish. Icebox [store] [they] Indians, they not even white people. Icebox [store] ain’t did shit to y’all. Y’all done been in them folks store, taking their shit. Gucci aint’ did shit to y’all, ya’ll can say whatever y’all wanna say they racist, whatever I don’t wanna hear that shit. They ain’t did shit to y’all, Lenox Mall ain’t did shit to you. These police in Atlanta ain’t did shit to y’all either. Do unto others as you wanna be treated.”

Meanwhile, Tory is in the streets AGAIN protesting police brutality.

How does Tory Lanez, a Canadian citizen, clearly understand what’s going on while his American counterparts continue to look like fools??? What’s not clicking?


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